ductworkEvery Myrtle Beach home is unique and that is why you require HVAC solutions that are distinctive as well. If you are updating your existing house or working on a new construction, you can get the comfort and efficiency that you need at a cheaper price with a custom ductwork. Don’t settle with a typical design if it is not providing the energy efficiency as well as the cooling that you require.

Reasons To Have Custom Ductwork

Poor Energy Efficiency

Do you have utility bills that are more than what you expected? In case your energy bills are increasing, the HVAC system in your home might be the culprit. Your initial plan of action needs to be to call an HVAC contractor for a diagnosis. Scheduling system maintenance that is long overdue or dealing with an important HVAC repair might solve your problem. In case it doesn’t, then you should check your ductwork.

In several houses, ductwork has an incorrect size and sealed incorrectly. But with a custom ductwork installation, you can solve both of these issues. You can improve your energy costs by installing the right kind of ductwork. In case they are too small, your unit will work harder than needed to push air through your house. In case the ducts are too big, you might suffer from uneven heating and cooling.

Tricky Home Layout

Designing an efficient ductwork Myrtle Beach requires a skilled hand. In case your house is too big or has gone through a lot of remodeling over the years, it might have a distinct layout that needs some extra creativity in terms of the ductwork design. Ideally, your unit will have three wye splits at most. You will lose efficiency with every split and boost your overall HVAC load.

Home Renovation

In case you have plans of renovating your house, this is the best time to provide your HVAC contractor so you’ll know your options. If you are constructing to get more space with heating and cooling, it is important that you address important considerations with your air conditioner and heat pump. Custom ductwork is the finest method of retrofitting your existing HVAC system to accommodate your brand new addition. You should have a new and enhanced home sized to know whether your current air conditioning and heating unit is big enough to deal with the additional space. You may have to consider installing a brand new HVAC system that is better sized for your newly improved house.

Historic Home

In case you live in a historic home, it might have been built before heating and cooling were standard features. When that happens, you have to be extremely careful when it comes to adding ductwork to your place. You have to incorporate effective HVAC systems into your house, however, you wouldn’t want to damage the structure’s historic appeal. 

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