heating repairAre you worried that your heater could break down anytime? In case you have no idea if you need heating repair, then it’s about time for you to know the most common ones. Nobody wants to have to repair their heating system. However, it’s even worse if your heater broke down totally, calling for an emergency repair that could possibly cost you a lot more.

Professional HVAC contractors say heating repair Myrtle Beach is crucial so as to prevent higher repair costs as well as sudden system breakdowns. Apart from that, the sooner you fix the system, the lower your monthly bills are going to be and the longer your system will last.

Signs You Require Heating Repair

Weird Noises From The Vents or Cabinet

What can make it more difficult to detect problems with the heat pump in some cases is that it could be quite easy to ignore issues that are not getting in your way. A weird noise might be something that is not a concern especially when you do not hang out in the spot every day. However, the odd noises could be an indication of a major issue. A buzzing noise, for instance, may be a sign of something electrical, while a screech could be a sight that the belt has been worn out and it could break at any moment. A bang or a pop could also be very dangerous, possibly damaging the system’s heat exchange.

Spend Too Much On Heating Bills

You should not be surprised if your heating bill increases as the weather becomes a lot cooler. This means your heating system is running for a longer time and is working. However, if you appear to be spending more than what you did last year during the same period, then there must be something wrong. Most probably, you will also notice that your heater is operating non stop rather than cycling correctly and this must be checked right away.

Thermostat Won’t Go High Enough

If it appears like no matter how high you set the thermostat, it just won’t reach the temperature you want to warm up your home, then there must be something wrong. And in most cases, the problem has something to do with the thermostat. Your heating unit is running all the time to meet your desired settings, and this will cause parts to break down quickly, which means you will most likely have to replace your unit sooner than expected. Call an HVAC contractor like DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc. right away.

Brief Sporadic Cycling

This is also referred to as short cycling and it is something that should not be ignored. If an air conditioner short cycles, then it is not running long enough to complete a heating cycle. What’s even worse is that it is utilizing a lot of energy each time it needs to start, stop, and start again.


Yellow Pilot Light

The light must always be blue. If not then there could be something that is interfering with the safety and operation of the unit like rust.

If you need heating repair, you can always count on the team at DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc.

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