HVACHave you recently noticed that some areas in your Myrtle Home are colder or older than the others? If so, then you should consider HVAC zoning to fix the problem. Zoning lets you to regulate the temperature of every room or each zone. It is a perfect solution for multiple story houses wherein the temperature differs between the levels. Read on and find out how it works and why you need to have one installed in your home.

Motorized Dampers

An HVAC in Myrtle Beach system delivers cool or hot air into your house through the ducts. Conventionally, the duct system is open to the whole house and the air goes into every part of the house simultaneously. Consequently, you will be unable to control if you send less or more warm or cool air to a single area. With HVAC zoning, the motorized dampers in the ductwork will close and open to control the flow of the air. If the thermostat in a room will send a signal to the damper that regulates that zone, then the damper will close or open according to what the thermostat says it should do.

Several Thermostats

Rather than a single main thermostat that regulates the whole house, every zone or room has its own. The thermostat’s sensor only lets airflow to the area that is controlled by the damper. What’s good with this system is that you could set the temperature separately, based on your desired level, without affecting the other parts of the house. Zone systems are useful for basements, seldom used rooms, speciality rooms, and in home gyms. You should buy a smart thermostat if you would like to maximize how much control you have for every room.

Central Control Panel

Among the most important components of the HVAC zoning unit is the central control panel. Consider this part as the brain that lets you know when you need to close or open. All these thermostats are linked to the central control panel. All the sensors that are linked to the dampers in the duct system also connect to the central control panel.

The thermostat in the zoned spot will send over a signal to the control panel. Then the central control panel will send a signal to the motorized dampers in the duct system. The information that you send will then signal the damper to either let less or more airflow. This is a complicated electronic process that needs regular maintenance and checkups to make sure that each part is communicating with one another correctly.

Balanced Airflow

If you want to have the Myrtle Beach HVAC zoning unit to efficiently work, you need to have balanced flow of air within the duct system. If you install a zoned system, it will check for the pressure imbalances and differences when the dampers close or open. It is important that every zone has a return air duct that could deal with strong airflow going through the ductwork.

Having the correctly sized handler is important, too. When DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc. installs the HVAC zoning system, our team will make sure that you have an air handler that will meet your comfort needs.

HVAC Maintenance Is Important

When you zone your house, all of its components should run flawlessly to provide the appropriate temperature to every zone. The duct system requires regular HVAC maintenance cleaning so they could efficiently provide clean air. They should not have any cracks or openings that let air to escape.

The HVAC system requires regular maintenance so that it can function efficiently to cool and heat your home. Get that peace of mind by investing in a maintenance plan with the help of an HVAC contractor.

Do you want to know more about HVAC zoning? Do you need the help of a professional to service your whole system? Call DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc.

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