Water Heater Installation

water heater installationWhy You Need An Expert For Your Water Heater Installation

In case you are thinking of water heater installation, you should consider hiring a professional instead of doing it yourself. The project isn’t as simple as you think and the results of committing mistakes are serious and could very well be dangerous. It’s just like when you don’t want to be your own lawyer when you are in court or to be your own doctor when you are sick. You also shouldn’t be the one to install your water heater.

At first, you might think that installing your water heater yourself will help you save cash. Unfortunately, unless you are an expert water heater installer, it’s dangerous without the right background experience and training. The majority of water heaters are gas and that means even a minor mistake during the installation could lead to property damage, additional expenses, injury, and even death.

Why Hire A Water Heater Installation Expert

Risk of Fire and Explosion

Some water heaters in Myrtle Beach use natural gas and that means you need to burn combustible fuel to heat your water. Such fuels are flammable and even a small mistake when it is being installed could lead to a serious fire or even an explosion. Going the DIY route isn’t worth it. You don’t want to put the lives of your family at risk, not to mention the possibility of property damage.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Gas burning water heaters need ventilation. If there is not enough airflow, there will be a buildup in carbon monoxide. Poisoning of this kind is considered as a medical emergency and those who have been exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide could suffer permanent brain damage, and even death in worst cases. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas, and means if there is a leak, you won’t be able to detect it. These seemingly minor mistakes could have major effects when it comes to the installation of products that use natural gas.

Product Knowledge

Keep in mind that in person and online salespeople are not water heating experts. Even though they have good intentions, they can’t match the product knowledge of a licensed and well trained contractor. If you wish to get the water heater that will meet your family’s needs, you should hire a professional like DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc.

Home Resale Problems

There may come a time when you would like to sell your house. In you did a DIY on your water heater installation, you should have a professional inspect it and have it permitted. If it doesn’t pass the inspection requirements, the unit needs to be repaired or even reinstalled. It’s possible that you might end up paying more eventually. This will only cause more stress and inconvenience especially if you are on a tight budget and schedule and you are trying to sell your house.

A licensed professional will make sure that your water heater is permitted and follows the code when it is installed. Always go for a reputable firm that stands behind its work and provides a warranty or stands by their work. In case a problem comes up while the system is still under warranty, the expert can easily fix it.

Peace Of Mind

If you go with a licensed professional, you are not just purchasing a job well done but you are also giving yourself and your family some peace of mind. It is a relief to know that you don’t have to deal with property damage, loss of life or health, or any problem when you decide to sell your home.

Don’t risk the safety and comfort of your family just to save a few bucks. It is not worth it! Enjoy some peace of mind and call DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc.

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