heating and coolingWinter is already here and while many homeowners do what they can to make sure their houses are warm throughout the colder season, there will always be other ways to keep your place cozy and comfortable without amping up the thermostat. Therefore, as temperatures continue to drop outside, be sure to take some proactive heating and cooling steps inside your home using these tips.

How To Remain Cozy and Comfortable

Install a programmable thermostat

You no longer have to manually set the heat pump. If you push it too far, it will start up and become too warm. If you push it too little, then it will turn off. Installing a programmable thermostat could save you up to 10% a year on your heating and cooling Myrtle Beach costs by just turning the thermostat back between seven to ten degrees for eight hours every day from its regular setting. Programmable thermostat could store several daily settings that you could override manually without affect the rest of the weekly or daily program.

Reverse the Ceiling Fans

Did you know that many of the ceiling fans these days come with a winter setting which reverses the fan so that it will move clockwise instead of counter clockwise? If not, you’re not alone. Because heat increases, the clockwise spinning of the fan would push the heat back down into the room rather than being trapped up at your home’s ceiling.

Le There Be Light

We all know that once the sun comes up, the temperature inside your house will likely increase. For homeowners with natural light, take full advantage of the free heat. A wonderful way to boost your opportunity is to try to open up the blinds, curtains, or shades earlier in the day.

Keep Curtains Closed at Night

Apart from keeping the curtains open throughout the day, a great way to keep the heat inside long enough after the sun sets is to close off the curtains around you house. By doing that, you’ll trap the heat in and make sure that the temperature stays up in your house.

Check For Possible Air Leaks

If you are in a newer house or an older home, it is possible for the air to leak. It may come in through attics, doors or drafty windows that let cold air in and then draw the heated air out. One good way to prevent or stop this form taking place is to start inspecting the weather stripping around your doors and windows throughout your house.

Make Full Use of Space Heaters

Space heaters are great tools for keeping separate rooms warm. However, be warned that space heaters are at risk of fire. To be safe, flammable materials must be kept at least three feet away and be sure that the heater is on an even and stable surface. Additionally, always remember that you must never leave the space heaters overnight or whenever you leave your house.

Furniture Must Be Kept Away From Vents

Although it is a good thing to have your sectional couch or rocking chair right next to your vent, be sure to check and be sure that they are far away so that the heat potential is maximized. If you put furniture near or on top of the vent, it may disrupt the heat flow.

Use Area Rugs

Apart from your usual winter improvements around your house to keep you and your loved ones warm is to keep heat in by having area rugs inside your home. Although rugs add a design factor to you room, they could also serve as an additional layer of insulation to the flooring, which then traps cooled air underneath and it will keep it from seeping up and then cooling the area back down.

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