heatingNow that winter is here, homeowners can expect rising energy costs. Fortunately, there are things you can do about it. Listed below are tips to help you cut back on your heating bills.

Reduce Your Heating Bills During Winter

Lower the thermostat setting

You can save as much as three percent on your Myrtle Beach heating bill per degree slashed over a period of 24 hours. During winter, you should keep your thermostat at 68 and then 55 at night. By lowering the thermostat to about 55 degrees while you sleep can help you save about 13% on your heating bill. During the remainder of the day, you should wear warm clothes like long pants, sweater, slippers, or thick socks to keep warm. You should also consider using a programmable thermostat because it can help make temperature regulation much easier and it will also help you save cash.

Seal the chimney flue if you are not using it

Leaving the chimney flue open even if you are not using it is the same as opening your window a few inches. You’re letting warm air escape your house while letting cold air in. You must also be sure that your dryer vents close correctly.

Use fans to circulate air

The fan must be set on low so that air could be circulated upward toward the ceiling. This would force the warm air, which could have been trapped at the ceiling, down. This will make your house feel a lot warmer.

Keep radiators and vents clear

Make sure that the vents aren’t blocked by furniture or rugs or that there are no huge objects in front on the radiator. This will let the air freely circulate. This will also let you enjoy the warm air. Plus, less strain is placed on the system.

Clean the radiators and vents

Apart from keeping them clear, you should also clean the vents and radiators. This will help air flow freely into the rooms of your home. It will also encourage equal heat radiation.

Check the windows

The windows are responsible for between 10 and 25% of heat loss in your house. To cut this figure back, you should open shades and curtains on windows that are facing the south during daylight hours to let the heat of the sun get inside your house and warm it.

Keep blinds and curtains closed during the evening and if the sun is not up on them to insulate your home and keep the heat inside. Another tip that’s worth mentioning is that you should place blankets on windows and drapes that are not covered, especially during the evening when these windows are not used and the temperature is really cold.

Shut the doors

If you are not using the room, then there’s no reason for you to heat it right? Close the doors and the vent if you are not in the room. If are inside the room, closing the door could boost the temperature of the room by keeping your body heat as well as the heat created by lights and other electronics like your computer.

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