HVAC Myrtle BeachThis post aims to help you familiar the different parts of an HVAC Myrtle Beach system and what work are specified on a repair price list. It will discuss the components of an electric split heat pump unit common in residential HVAC units.

The heat pump is a part of the unit that is located outdoors. It is comprised mainly of the condenser oil, compressor, and a fan. It also contains the reversing valve as well as the electrical contractors. This is the place where the HVAC contractor will connect his pressure gauges to determine if the system has the right amount of refrigerant. The bottle that contains the Freon will be weighed using a scale before and after the system is filled to know how much was utilized, and you are going to be charged by the pound. In case there is a refrigerant leak in its coil, it will be fixed. However, all of the refrigerant might need to be pumped out and then reinstalled.

Minor and Major HVAC Myrtle Beach repairs

There are instances when the condenser coil’s fins are bent up because of the hair damage. They could also be dirty. It will cost you a minimal amount to have these combed out or cleaned. In case the compressor or the fan does not function, or if the reversing valve does not alter the unit from cooling to heating, it’s possible that only the contactor has to be replaced. Fortunately, this component does not cost too much. However, if the compressor or the fan motor needs to be changed, then you can expect to spend much more. The compressor is the costliest component and could hit you up for hundreds of dollars. In case the condenser coil has been damaged badly or if the compressor needs to be changed, it may be time to think about having a new heat pump, especially if there are several other energy efficient options that are available. Hire an HVAC contractor Myrtle Beach to help you out.  

Indoors you have the air handler. It is comprised of the indoor fan, evaporator coils, humidifier, air filtration system, as well as a plenum for the air vents. Among the most expensive HVAC repairs is if the under slab plenum has started to corrode. That part of the slap has to be taken down and then reconstructed. Problems with the evaporator coils are unusual but there are instances when you have to get them cleaned. In case the indoor fan motor has to be replaced, it could be done so for reasonable price.  The humidifier and the air filtration system require basic repairs as well as replacement of small motors, floats, filters, and so on. There are also a few control electronics like the thermostat. These could range in price from affordable to expensive. In case the outdoor heat pump has to be replaced, then you may want to replace the indoor air handler as well so you can enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient system.

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