HVACTo make your HVAC system last through the heat of summer, you will need to spend more time maintaining and cleaning its parts. Aside from these, however, you will also have to learn about basic repairs and easy solutions to the common problems so you won’t have to often call in your local air conditioning professional.

Listed below are some of the common HVAC problems that you will likely face throughout summer along with their corresponding fixes.

1. The air coming out is not as cold as it normally is.
According to experts, the most common and probable cause for a warm air blast from air conditioning unit is due to the refrigerant lines are not insulated properly. Refrigerant lines are two lines made of copper that connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.

To resolve this problem, you need to ensure that your unit’s refrigerant lines are properly insulated. Use insulating sleeves – if you don’t already have one. If you have one, make sure your insulating sleeves cover your refrigerant lines very effectively.

If this doesn’t do the trick, you may need to have your refrigerant lines recharged. And for this you need professional assistance. Call in your local HVAC contractor to ensure that they really need to recharged.

2. Water puddle forming beside HVAC unit.
Puddles of water could form beside your air cooling units if the line from the unit to the floor drain or sump basin is blocked or disconnected. Air conditioners normally produce condensation. This is collected in a pan inside the unit that is connected to a line which would bring the condensate to the floor drain or sump basin. If this line is blocked or disconnected, the collected condensate flows elsewhere, thus, forming water puddles beside your unit.

What you can do to resolve this is inspect the line for any signs of blockage or disconnection. If it is blocked or disconnected, have an air conditioning professional clean the line to remove the blockage. Otherwise, you may need to have the tube replaced.

3. Air conditioner fails to run.
If you use your air conditioner for longer periods of time without proper maintenance, don’t be surprised if one day, it won’t turn on at all. This means your compressor has burnt out. And this bad news for you as the repair is costly since you would need to buy a new compressor and hire a professional HVAC contractor to install it.

Good news is you have an option to replace your air conditioning unit. If you would spend as much money on the repairs as with buying a new HVAC Myrtle Beach, it would make sense to replace it instead. Plus, experts suggest replacing air conditioners that are more than 8 years old with a burnt out compressor.

Ensure you work only with professionals in the repairs or replacement of your HVAC system. Call DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc. to inquire about their services.

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