High Efficient Duct Systems

High Efficient Duct Systems


The highest efficient system in the world is useless without a properly sized, sealed, and balanced duct system.  Inadequate ductwork can lead to hot and cold spots in your home, over working of critical system components which could result in catastrophic mechanical failure, and mold and mildew growth.  

Want to know if you duct system is adequate?  We can perform a load calculation of your home, measure the amount of air flow in each room and perform a duct leakage and static pressure test on your existing duct system to see exactly if you’re getting the right efficiency out of your comfort system.  

Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Old Duct System?

There is so much more to having a reliable heating and cooling system than just equipment.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have rooms that are too hot or cold?
  2. Is the air inside your home too dry during winter?
  3. Is the air inside your home cool but clammy during summer?
  4. Do you notice too much dust?
  5. Is your family suffering from allergies or asthma attack?
  6. Do you smell unexplained musty odors?
  7. Do you have high utility and repair bills?
  8. Are you seeing signs of mold?

It is possible that the main cause of these issues could be the ducts in your house. The ducts may have been designed and installed by the lowest paid contractor for the cheapest bidding HVAC contractor that the builder managed to find. When your system is between five and ten years old or perhaps older, it is most likely that the ducts have worn out up to the point where conditioned air is now being pumped into the attic, decreasing the amount that gets into the rooms of your home.

Duct Systems Can Waste Energy

Common duct systems lose about 25% to 40% of the heating or cooling energy produced by the central air conditioner, or heat pump. Houses with ducts in protected spots like the crawl space might lose a bit less than this, while other kinds of system like attic ducts in humid and hot climates tend to lose more. The duct repairs are the most important improvement that you can do to less waste energy.

Duct Systems Affect Comfort

Incorrect duct sizing as well as duct leaks will have a great effect on the comfort level in houses by keeping a few rooms warmer or cooler than the others, which in return will make you feel uncomfortable. You can increase the ability of the furnace, heat pumps, and air conditioner to heat and cool the rooms evenly by sealing the ducts.

Duct Systems Affect Health

Duct leaks could be very harmful to your health since air leaks in your duct system could have fumes from garden or household chemicals, mold, insulation particles, and dust. These can aggravate any existing allergy or asthma problems. Why should you take the risk? Seal the ducts now so you can breathe easier. It will also improve the indoor air quality, avoid health problems and poor insulation.  This can also reduce the risk of having pollutants enter and be distributed throughout your home.

Testing Is Crucial

If you wish to determine the performance and functionality of your existing duct system, call a Myrtle Beach duct systems professional like DuctWorks Heating ad Cooling who can perform a diagnostic check-up. The professional you hire will perform a measurement test for pressure, air leakage, speed, and airflow. The existing insulation levels as well as cleanliness will be checked. The right recommendations or replacement or renovation solutions will be made.

Features Of A New High Performance Duct System

  1. Clean
  2. Better Insulation
  3. Tighter
  4. Engineered to handle total higher air flow efficiently
  5. Made and balanced to circulate air to rooms in correct proportions.
  6. Created to fix imbalances in internal room to room pressure.
  7. Less noise
  8. Tested for optimum functionality

Are you planning to buy a new high efficiency air conditioner?

It is important to check the duct system and when needed make improvements so you can get your expected energy savings. A bad duct system is going to drag the performance of the unit down.

Modern High Efficiency Units

The air movement system is extremely powerful. In the event your old duct unit is leaky, the duct leakage will be accelerated with higher pressures. Should your old ducts are undersized or restricted, the new blower is going to strain to overcome it and it will significantly increase noise and electrical consumption. Several modern units are two speed while this will boost the efficiency, most of the gains will be lost once it is connected to an inefficient duct system since longer run times can lead to more significant duct leakage and heat into or perhaps the loss from the ducts.

Call Ductworks Heating and Cooling if you are thinking of upgrading your duct system.

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