Heat Pump Maintenance & Installation

Heat Pump Maintenance & Installation


Many home owners in Horry and Brunswick Counties are transplants from the northern states which rely on furnaces and oil tanks to heat their homes. Most residences in this area rely on heat pumps for home air comfort.

Why Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are integral parts of a central heating and cooling. It uses the air outdoors to cool your home during summer and heat it in winter. The installation for this type of unit involves two parts, the indoor unit, which is referred to as the air handler, and the outdoor unit, which is called the heat pump but is similar to a central air conditioner. A compressor will circulate the refrigerant, which in responsible for absorbing and releasing heat while it travels between the indoor as well as the outdoor units.

You can think of a heat pump like a heat transporter that will constantly move warm air from one area to another, to where it is required or not required, based on the season. Heat is still prevent even the air that appears too cold. A heat pump will extract heat energy from the cold outdoor air and move it inside. If it is warm outside, it will reverse direction and act as if it is an air conditioning system by getting rid of heat from your house.  One benefit of having a new heat pump is that it transfers heat rather than generate heat, which makes it more energy efficient. Since it runs on electricity, you can save significantly on fuel costs. Just take note that there are heat pumps that work well for moderate climates and an additional heating source might be required for lower temperatures.

Is A Heat Pump Suitable For Your Home?

There are several factors that need to be taken into account especially when it comes to determining whether a heat pump will help you cut costs on your energy bills. These factors include the climate, amount of insulation, the fuel type that’s common in your area, as well as other energy efficient features that you have in your house.

A heat pump does not perform well in colder climates. They are extremely effective at saving energy when set at the heating mode. In a colder climate, however, your home requires more heat since the temperature outside is dropping, however, the heat pump’s performance is less efficient at lower outdoor temperatures. Since we have moderate temperatures in Myrtle Beach a heat pump makes total sense.

Heat Pump Benefits

Energy Efficient – Heat pumps have a blower motor that runs at the lowest speed most of the time and that is why it uses less electricity. Because of this, you will significantly cut costs on your electricity bills.

Improved Air Comfort – the blower motor will run slower for a longer period of time, which helps improve air flow. This provides a more consistent and more comfortable room temperature.

Increased Air Quality – the blower motor will always circulate air through your house and the air filter of your furnace at a rate that is higher compared to a single stage heat pump. This gets rid of more pollutants as well as improve the air quality of your home. Apart from that, the constant air circulation past the coil will decrease the humidity levels in the house.

Noise Reduction – the speed of the blower motor will begin slowly and then gradually increase, which makes less noise.

Now that you know how a heat pump works and why it is used in the south for heating and air conditioning, you may be in need of maintenance or a new unit. Give DuctWorks Heating and Cooling a call for a free analysis of system.


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