Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC


If you had to buy an HVAC system for a commercial building, whether it is a replacement unit or perhaps for a new property, you know just how confusing it is to choose the right HVAC system. Your HVAC system plays an important role in the comfort as well as happiness of your tenants and employees, and you want to do right by them. But, you also need to ensure that the unit is practical and efficient for the commercial building and that it will not destroy your bank account in the coming years.

Learning the various kinds of commercial HVAC systems can assist you in making an informed decision and make sure that you pick out the most appropriate system for the function and size of your property.

There are countless number of variations, but there are three primary categories under which the HVAC system falls. These are the:

  • Single split systems
  • Multi split systems
  • VRF or VRV systems

The right choice for your commercial building will depend on several factors. So, here’s a brief introduction to the three categories.

Single split system – it is one of the most famous kinds of HVAC Systems because it is not only affordable but also suitable for small commercial buildings. They work well with buildings that have small offices, shops, server rooms, or restaurants as they permit heating and cooling control in different rooms. If you have a bigger space, they could work together to cool or heat the room.

Multi Split System – Much like the single split systems, multi split units are different in one distinct way. You could link up to nine indoor units to a single outdoor unit. These units work using the inverter technology that lets the compressor work at variable speeds.

VRF or VRV Systemvariable refrigerant flow or VRF and VRV, also known as variable refrigerant volume both refer to the exact same kind of commercial HVAC unit. If the space you have is medium to large like retail or large office space, mixed use building, or hotels, then a VRF/VRV system could be the best choice for your system.

Commercial Services

The Commercial Department at Ductworks Heating and Cooling can help you with your commercial HVAC needs. Our company is dedicated to excellence in all aspects, from the installation and service, as well as customer care. Call us and let us help you with all your commercial needs.

Heating and Cooling

We are skilled and experienced in installing and servicing of all kinds of commercial HVAV equipment including:

  • Split systems
  • Rooftop units
  • Exhaust and supply fans
  • Make up air units
  • Temp control systems
  • Clean rooms

Call DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc. if you need help in looking for the best commercial HVAC system for your building.

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