Air Duct Leakage Testing

Air Duct Leakage Testing


A typical forced air system can loose 15 to 30% of its nominal capacity through duct losses. Duct systems leak at fittings, joints, register boots, and other connections. When these leaks are outside the conditioned space, huge amounts of energy are lost. A typical duct test requires sealing of the register openings and pressure testing the duct system to a defined pressure (typically 25 Pascals) through a calibrated fan where leakage can be measured. Sealing leaks can as simple as coating joints with mastic to stop air leaks. 

Ai Duct Leakage TestingThere are over a million miles of ductworks in the average home in the U.S. and industry professionals estimate that more than two-thirds of these houses are leaky enough to warrant a repair or sealing. Leaky ducts could increase the energy bills significantly over time, seriously lowering equipment capacity as well as its performance, and lead to potentially dangerous indoor air quality issues. As a matter of fact, air duct leakage is almost always the reason behind the comfort complaints that are experienced by homeowners these days.

Importance Of Air Duct Leakage Testing

One of the major sources of energy wastes in both new and existing residences are leaks in the air duct system. Research indicates that duct leakage could be responsible for up to 25% of total energy loss, and in several cases has a significant effect on energy utilization compared to air infiltration through the building exterior. Duct leakage can also stop the heating and cooling unit from doing its job correctly, which results in hot or cold rooms, as well as humidity issues especially here in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Duct leaks may also lead to indoor air quality issues since it pulls irritants and pollutants directly into the house.

Problems Caused By Duct Leakage

  1. Leaks located in the supply ductwork could lead to costly conditioned air to be forced into the garage, crawlspace, and even into the attic instead of the house.
  2. The return leaks will pull hot outside air during summer and cold air during winter into the duct system, which will reduce the unit’s capacity and efficiency. In areas with humid weather conditions like the south, the moist air that is being pulled into the return leaks can overwhelm the air conditioning units’ dehumidification capacity, which causes houses to feel to feel clammy even if the air conditioner is operating.
  3. Heat pumps are also at risk of comfort complaints from duct leakage, especially during the heating period. The air that is produced by the heat pumps whenever there are duct leaks would feel cold or lukewarm during winter season. During the heating season, leaky ductworks causes homeowners to use electric strip heaters in the heat pumps.
  4. Leaks in the return ductwork will draw air from attics, garages, and crawlspaces and circulate it within house. However, the air will be filled with either mold spores, dust, insulation fibers as well as other contaminants.
  5. Spillage of combustion products may also take place due to an imbalanced duct system and household depressurization from the duct leaks.

Why We Offer Duct Leakage Testing

DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc. offers duct leakage performance test because we want to show the added value of top quality installation and repair services. It helps us build a reputation for professionalism and quality services. We explain the testing process and the results to all our clients, which shows that we understand the latest installation and diagnostic techniques. We take the time to determine the problems and the best solutions for their home instead of providing a one-size fits all solution.

Performance testing also allows us to get a good understanding of the job at hand. You will be able to determine air duct leakage as well as other performance issues ahead of time and offer better estimates for the task that needs to be done. By lessening the guess work, our team avoids unexpected comfort and performance issues, size the equipment with more precision, and reduce expensive callbacks. By demonstrating duct leakage issues as well the advantages of duct sealing allows us to confidently suggest duct sealing solutions.

If you want to know more about air duct leakage testing, call DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc now.

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