heating and coolingThe heating and cooling unit accounts for nearly half of the energy expenses in a regular home and the ductwork takes on a crucial role. In case you are shopping around a for a brand new air conditioning unit or heat pump, now is the best time to know what good HVAC principles are.

The Basics of Duct System Design

The duct system will surely win if there was ever an award for the best supporting role in home comfort and efficiency. The ductwork’s design as well as efficiency takes on an important role in the home comfort, energy bills, and unit’s performance, together with wear and tear.

The role of the ductwork is to give the least restrictive channel wherein heated and cooled air travel, with the correct efficiency features as well as designs set in place to counter the heat energy losses that is inherent in thin duct walls.

To achieve this goal, a good planning for the duct layout and sizing and working with a professional HVAC contractor is important. These experts uses a proven principled design methods manuals J, S, and D.

The Air conditioning Contractors of America published the Manuals J, S, and D. They have become the standard when it comes to designing efficient units for any home or commercial building. For example, a good duct design for your house might not be the best design for the home on the other street even if the floor plans and square footage are similar.

The main reason for this is the heat loss/gain properties of any structure are several and unique to each. The home on the other street has a distinct orientation to the sun which impacts the daily cooling and warming of the rooms. Temperature preferences, energy usage practices, number of occupants, as well as the schedules will affect the ductwork and the Myrtle Beach HVAC system design and sizing.

To correctly measure the heating and cooling Myrtle Beach of a home, the Manual J is used. In case your duct upgrade or redo is part of a heating system or air conditioning system upgrade, you have to have the specifications of the new heating and cooling system for air movement and specifications as well as influences to the heat loss/gain from the additional equipment, like a zoning system and HEPA purification system to correctly design as well as size the ductwork.

Manual S is used to size the brand new air conditioning unit, or heat pump using the heating and cooling load numbers of Manual J, so you might see a pattern here for designing the HVAC system of the home. A reliable HVAC contractor will also follow the best duct system design best practices as well as principles using the manual D.

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