It’s good practice to maintain your central air conditioning unit at the start of every season, especially during the beginning of winter and spring. The recent polar vortex hit hard on some states and took a toll on outdoor equipment, heating, and cooling units included. The drastic drop in temperature can be problematic at times for outdoor equipment, which is why it is critical to routinely inspect them every once in a while to preserve their working order.

AC maintenance procedures that you must do

Check the outdoor unit panels

The panels are designed to protect the internals of the outdoor unit from the elements. However, strong winds or bumps could cause the panels to become loose or be taken out completely. In any case, the panels should be put back and secured in place. In case you’re is missing a panel that covers the electrical connection of the air conditioning North Myrtle Beach unit, call a qualified professional before starting the unit. It’s better to take caution as an electrical short could lead to numerous problems.

Take off condenser covers if any

If you’ve placed some condenser covers or perhaps coil blankets to protect your unit from the harsh winter weather, remove them before you starting the system. Despite their protective and insulating value, they can limit the transfer of heat that would lead to decreased system efficiency and or damage.

Check out the pipe insulation

If you see any damage to the pipe insulation, repair or replace it immediately. The large copper pipe on the outdoor unit supplies cool refrigerant to the compressor. Damage to the insulation foam can be caused by a number of factors that include frozen water trapped in the foam, sun rot, or by animals looking for shelter or food during the winter season. Do note that only the larger copper pipe needs insulation and not the smaller ones.

Clean the outdoor coils

Any dirt or debris that got blown against the outdoor coils must be cleaned out. The extent of dirt trapped on your coils may vary depending on your location. Regardless of amount of dirt, the coils must be cleaned on a regular basis. Any dirt trapped in the coils will cause a drop in the systems efficiency. As an added precaution, also clean the surrounding area removing any loose dirt or leaves that could get trapped in the coils.

Remember to change air filters

It’s always a good thing to change air filters on a regular basis. Particularly during the polar vortex where your heat pump must have been working twice its capacity to keep temperatures up. During which, your air filter may have accumulated more dust than usual, hence the need for a fresh set of filters.

Perform checks on the coil drainage hose

Condensation is an unavoidable factor. The condenser coils will produce steady condensation once the unit is turned on. The water that condenses on the coils will drip onto the tray below and will flow down the coil drainage hose. Although a blocked drain line won’t do much damage to the AC unit itself, however, it will cause problems to surrounding areas. Check that water is flowing down the drain hose and is placed in the right direction.

Make sure supply vents and return grills are clean

It is a good practice to clean all grills at the beginning of each season. Dust and debris such as pet hair could get trapped in the grills which could accumulate over time. You may use a vacuum to clean them out to avoid any dirt from returning into the system which could cause further problems. Do the cleaning before the unit is started to ensure that no dirt escapes.

Do a test run

After doing all the procedures, turn the unit on and periodically check in on it. This will ensure that the system is properly working and that it operating as intended. After a few minutes, the unit should blow cold air. If it doesn’t, there must be something wrong. If there are any problems that you can’t easily troubleshoot, don’t risk your unit by doing some DIY repairs. Call a local air conditioning service right away to ensure that your system is up and running normally.

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