HVACFall and winter holidays are just around the corner, now is the best time to get your routine HVAC maintenance done. Learn how you can prepare your air conditioner before it goes on a long hibernation and tips to wake the unit up without encountering any issues. The last thing you would like to have is a malfunctioning heat pump right in the middle of winter.

Heating and cooling is responsible for nearly 50% of the total energy consumed in a typical house, which makes it the largest energy expense. By adding a little effort into ensuring that your unit is working correctly, you’ll be able to lower the energy consumption of your HVAC unit. Moving from cooling to heating as smooth as it can be. Listed below are some tips you need to know no how to maintain your unit for the fall and winter season.

Fall HVAC Preventive Maintenance Tips

Change Your HVAC System

You need to know the age of your heating system and your existing energy bills before you can do anything. If your system is more than 10 years old, its efficiency is only between 40% and 60%. In case your unit is already on its last leg, you have to consider if it is time to replace your whole HVAC unit. Today, there are a lot of heat pumps in the market that have efficiency ratings of as high as 97%.

Replace or Clean The Air Filters

Filthy HVAC filters tend to restrict the airflow and lower the overall efficiency of the HVAC unit. In case you have not changed or cleaned the unit’s air filters for quite some time now, then today is the best time to do it. Make this a part of your schedule and it needs to be done between 1 and three months.

It is recommended to inspect your air filter every 30 days to check if it is clogged or not. Don’t forget to refer to your owner’s manual for the best air filter to use for your system. Choose an air filter that has a minimum MERV rating of 7. Be sure to have a lot of backups so you do not have to run to the store each month.

Tidy Up and Unblock All of The Vents and Registers

Go around your house and be sure that all of the return and supply vents as well as registers are clear and clean. They must not be blocked by furniture, rugs, or closed off in any way. Know why you must never close any of your vents and other common misconceptions about an HVAC Myrtle Beach unit.

While inspecting to make sure that nothing is blocking the vents, be sure to get rid of any dust that may have gathered around the area. You need to clean the vents and prevent the dust and dirt from getting in your unit and spreading around your home.

Reprogram The Thermostat

If you start moving from cooling to heating, it is always a good idea to reprogram the thermostat. You can save a lot of cash if you use a smart or programmable thermostat. Just be sure that you set it correctly. If you are not at home then you can lower down the thermostat temperature so you can save money and energy.

Call DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc. if you need professional help in maintaining your HVAC system to make sure that it is in good shape and ready to for the fall and winter season.

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