heat pumpWinter could take a toll on your heat pump. You need to know the signs of a problematic unit and learn if it requires to be serviced by a professional.

The winter season is here, bringing cold temperatures with it. Whether you are a fan of cold weather or not, every homeowner will agree that a heat pump that is in tip top shape is important. That is why it’s crucial to spend some time to ensure that your heat pump is in to condition before the cold weather comes. Listed below is a list of HVAC winter maintenance tips to make sure that your heat pump works and runs smoothly until spring comes.

Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

Check The Pilot Light

It may appear pretty obvious, however, the first thing to do is to prepare for the cold weather season is to ensure that the pilot light on the heat pump is lit. If it doesn’t then your whole system is going to be crippled. Put it this way, the gas serves as the fuel but the pilot light works as the ignition and these two should work together. In case you are not sure on how to inspect the pilot light, then check the manufacturer’s manual or call a professional HVAC contractor to help you.

Inspect Your System

Another essential step about heating maintenance is that you have to provide your unit with a visual inspection. You need to make sure that all the wires are intact and that there’s no obvious sign that pests have damaged or chewed on the wiring of the system. In case you notice that some wires have been damaged, call a licensed electrician right away.

Clean Your Heat Pump

You need to clean your system and be sure that it is free of any kind of debris and dust. Use your vacuum and attach a long nozzle so you can clean the areas that are difficult to reach areas like the fan blower. Additionally, moving from one room to another, and cleaning the vents as well as adjusting the dampers. Lastly, change any dirty filters and make sure to continue changing them at least once a month.

Check The Ducts

Any leaks in the ductwork could prevent your heater from operating at its peak performance. In case the seal around the return that is feeding directly into the heater is loose, it could lead to a backdraft. If needed, wrap or caulk the joints and the perimeter of the return. Heat graded foil tape offers a simple fix and could be located at most local stores. You may also consider having the ductwork checked and cleaned by an HVAC contractor Myrtle Beach before you know you will need your heating system all day and all night.

Use Your Eyes and Ears

Although you are cleaning the heating system, you have to give your unit a practice run and be sure that there are no smoke or odd noises. If either a soot or a sound is present, call a professional right away. Smoke or soot deposits may indicate that the burners require some adjustments or that your heat pump’s heat exchanger has cracked. It’s not uncommon for older units to create such cracks. If this happens, carbon monoxide might leak into the house unchecked. At the same time, you should also test the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home and be sure they are also in good working condition.

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