indoor air qualityThe American Lung Association said that indoor air can be more polluted than the outdoor air. A lot of people who stay inside their homes don’t know that their health can be at risk because of indoor air pollution.

Poor indoor air quality could be caused by several factors such as molds, dust, poor ventilation, smoke, as well as other household irritants and gases. This might not be a big deal for individuals who are healthy at the outset, but for individuals who are suffering from asthma and other respiratory illnesses, which could be a matter of life and death.

There are easy ways to improve indoor air. It does not need to be pricey, too. Listed below are a few of the practical things that you could do to help keep your indoor air quality clean and fresh.

No cigarette smoking inside your house. This must be a rule that cannot be broken when it comes to improving indoor air quality Myrtle Beach. There should be no compromises especially when you have kids at home. Second hand smoke is a significant factor to asthma development and other respiratory problems among kids.

Tips To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Clean and Dust Your Home On A Regular Basis

Once dust accumulate in the house, so do allergens and chemicals. Use a vacuum cleaner or sweep to remove dust on the carpets and floors at least twice a weeks. Pick out a vacuum cleaner using a heap filter to ensure that the dust won’t get blow back from the exhaust. Don’t forget to clean the filter. Use plain water when mopping the floor. This will help pick up the dust that’s left behind by the broom or vacuum. The walls, appliances, and furniture, need dusting too.

Proper Ventilation is Crucial

Proper ventilation is required when it comes to improving indoor air quality. It involves getting the dirty air indoors out of your home and letting the fresh air in. The easiest way to get this done is by opening the windows. You have to do this when you are cleaning, cooking, painting, or using any chemicals. If you have enough budget, you should install exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchen so that fumes as well as airborne particles can be moved outside.

Control Moisture

Humidity levels should be below 50% so that mold growth is discouraged and allergens are controlled. You can use a dehumidifier but you can also control the humidity inside your house by fixing the water leak sources under the sink or on the ceiling.

Use soap and water when cleaning mold growth and make sure to dry it completely. In case you’ve been dealing with mold growth for quite a while, you should hire the help of an expert HVAC contractor.

Keep The Dirt Out

When people go inside your house, they bring different kinds of dirt from the shoes that they are wearing. You can keep dirt out by putting a large floor mat at the entrance door. This will help shake the dirt off form the shoes and lower the amount of pollutants that gets inside the house.

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