air conditioning repair Myrtle BeachEach time you turn on the heating and air conditioning system, the air will flow through the supply ducts and then out through the return ducts. In case your HVAC system is the core, supply ducts are comparable to the arteries while the return ducts are the veins. The air ducts that run through your house are an important component of the HVAC unit. However, you might be surprised as to how many ductwork systems are incorrectly installed and need air conditioning repair Myrtle Beach.

Energy Star said that more than 50% of the new units in the homes within the United States do not perform as expected because of improper installation. The incorrect sizing and installation of the HVAC unit causes reduced performance, high energy bills, poor air distribution, and worse air quality indoors. In case your ductwork has lots of air leaks and incorrectly designed duct systems, you will surely have poor indoor air quality and high energy bills compared to those that have insulated and sealed ducts.

Poor Duct Installation and Air Conditioning Repair Myrtle Beach

Air duct leaks will cause your HVAC unit to work harder than it is supposed to. Apart from losing conditioned air, if the ducts are not tight, dirty air is going to be sucked in due to the negative air pressure. Air duct leaks are common in basements, garages, attics, and crawlspaces. Search for gaps, cracks, as well as poor connections around your air duct seams. Think about scheduling an air conditioning repair Myrtle Beach service if you think your home has leaky ducts.

In case you are suffering from allergies as well as other problems linked to an excessive amount of dust, you might have ductwork with significant leaks. These leaks in your ductwork not just release conditioned air, they also let dust, air, and debris inside your home.

Inconsistent Room Temperatures, Hot and Cold Spots

In case you are experience hot and cold spots as well as other comfort issues, you might have incorrectly sized ductwork or issues with your airflow. Undersized grilles and ducts limit air flow and might be the reason behind your temperature and comfort problems. In case you notice strange sounds like popping or whistling, you might have incorrectly sized ducts or maybe blocked registers and vents. You also need to call a professional HVAC contractor if you notice sagging flex ducts as these experts can make sure that everything is pulled tight and are properly supported.

Professional Air Conditioning Repair Myrtle Beach, Duct Installation and Maintenance

If you are encountering airflow issues, duct leaks, and problems achieving the desired temperature, your ductwork system might have been installed incorrectly. A professional HVAC company can help you fix and sole any ductwork problem that you may have. In case you are wondering about the signs that the ducts were installed properly, you will see preinsulated duct fittings, rigid metal for the duct fittings, and sealed joints and seams.

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