HVACWinter is just around the corner and that means now is the time to turn on your heat pump. Is your HVAC system all set for the challenges that the season brings? Listed below are a few HVAC maintenance tips to help you enjoy a cozy and warm home all winter long.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

In case your air filter is filthy and has not been replaced for quite some time, it will make your heat pump perform much harder than it should. This could increase your energy bills substantially for no reason. Change the filters at the onset of the cooling season. Make this part of your monthly routine.

Clean The Vents

Don’t forget to clean your air vents when vacuuming your home. This can help prevent obstructions and improve your indoor air quality. This could also help bring the temperature inside your home to a comfortable level. In case you have noticed a buildup in the air vents, then should call in a duct cleaning expert to get rid of the grime and dirt that may have accumulated inside the vent.

Add Insulation

Although insulation might not seem like it is part of the HVAC system, it plays a crucial role in your home’s overall efficiency. Check to make sure that there is enough insulation in the attic. If you are not sure how much insulation is required in your house then hire an HVAC contractor for expert advice.

Inspect Your Thermostat

Be sure that your thermostat has fresh batteries and is set at levels that will make you feel comfortable during winter. To save energy, it is recommended to have it set to a cooler temperature during the evening and when you are at work. You can turn it up once you get home. In case you don’t have one yet, winter is the best time to get a programmable thermostat. This can help you set the thermostat to an efficient setting throughout the entire season.

Cover The Outdoor Unit

You should consider covering the outdoor unit. You can easily purchase the appropriate cover for a reasonable price.

Schedule an HVAC Inspection

If your HVAC wasn’t inspected, now is the perfect time to do it. Ask and HVAC contractor to inspect and tuneup the unit. The HVAC contractor Myrtle Beach will look for signs of wear and tear and address the problem right away. He will also check, clean, and optimize the heat pump to make sure that it runs smoothly.

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