heatingHeating accounts for more than 70% of the consumed energy in homes. So bringing this figure down will help keep houses warm enough. It will also help cut bills and meet the carbon reduction commitments.

Winter Heating Tips That Are Easy On The Budget

Use your curtains.

Make the most of the heat that comes from the sun. Open your curtains so sunshine can enter your home during the day. Once it gets dark, you can close your curtains, which will also provide you with additional layer of insulation while keeping your rooms warm at night. You should also be sure that there are no gaps or leaks so that warm air will remain inside while keeping cold air out. This will help cut down condensation.

Move Your Sofa

It may look like a good idea to have your sofa placed in front of the radiator. It’s not. It is absorbing the head that should be warming your house. By moving the sofa away, hot air will be able to circulate. This also applies to drying clothes and curtains. Make sure they placed far away from the radiator so you could make the most out of the heat source.

Make The Most Of Your Insulation

In terms of heating and cooling, about 25% is lost through your home’s roof. This could be reduced easily through the installation of 25cm of insulation in your loft. It is also a good idea to know what is going on in the walls, since about a third of the heat is lost through this in an insulated home. Even though it is not as affordable to install a loft insulation, you can save lot in your heating bill through a cavity wall insulation. It is also worth consulting your energy supplier to check if there are any insulation schemes in operation, which could sometimes involve cheap or even free installation.

Turn The Dial

You might think that this is counter intuitive at first, but it’s actually not. The World Health Organization said that the living room should have a minimum temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. Reports also revealed that lowering the thermostat by 1 degree Celsius can decrease your heating by as much as 10%. So keep the dial down and save money. Plus you can avoid the negative effects of a cold home.

Block Out The Draft.

You can save a lot per year on your bill for heating Myrtle Beach if you make your windows, doors, and cracks in the floor draught proof. DIY draught proofing is affordable. You can easily install cheap self adhesive rubber seals around your windows and doors as well as door draught excluders.

Reflect The Heat

You should consider radiator panels. They are easy to install and they are also relatively cheap. Don’t forget to make sure that the heat from the radiator will warm up your room and not the walls. They work well by reflecting the heat back into your room.

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