ductless HVACWith the heat wave these days, it is understandable that you would like to spend more time inside your house. You might not be inclined to work your air conditioning system more hours if the heat becomes extremely unbearable. However, what are you going to do if you don’t have a reliable unit to help you get through the hot summer days? Also, what if you cannot make the jump from window units to a central air conditioning system because of how your home was constructed? Is there any other alternative for you? The answer is yes – ductless HVAC.

Homes that use simple window units or no air conditioning system have no choice because there may be no ducts in their homes that would allow them to support central AC. In case you have rooms in your house do not have windows, you may find it difficult to keep them comfortable and cool any time of the year. You should consider having a ductless HVAC Myrtle Beach.

What Is A Ductless HVAC?

A ductless air conditioning is a way to cool your house without the benefit of a ductwork. These things can be mounted on a wall, on the floor, or on the ceiling of rooms to give off cool air. The indoor unit i9s linked to a bigger outdoor system through refrigerant and electrical lines. Ductless systems are usually quiet, and varying units offer different levels of cooling comfort.

Benefits Of A Ductless HVAC

Energy efficient – ductless HVAC are known to provide energy efficient solutions to heating and cooling your home. In case you are interested in cutting down your home’s carbon footprint, you might wish to talk with your HVAC contractor for solutions.

Multi-room cooling – compared to other central AC systems, the ductless HVAC allows you to adjust the temperatures from one room to another.

Easier installation – because the system is ductless, you don’t have to go through the expense of installing ducts in your home. Your HVAC contractor will install the two units and connect all the wiring through the walls. It is less invasive and it can be completed right away.

In case you are interested in installing a ductless HVAC in your home, contact Ductworks Heating and Cooling Inc. now.

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