heating repairIf you live in a place with a hot climate, you know very well how expensive it could be to stay cool. Some households spend as much as $700 for their monthly energy costs while others spend only about $300. However, costs vary within regions and even in a single neighbourhood. Your house may spend $700 on cooling while others just spend half of that. If you are one of those who have high energy costs or have concerns with heating repair, then this article is for you.

Lower Cooling Costs While Saving Energy

Buy A New Air Conditioner

You should consider buying a new air conditioner if what you currently have is a decade old system. Be sure to choose an Energy Star model if you want to cut your cooling cost by as much as 50% and help you save enough cash over the lifespan of the new unit to offset the money you paid to buy it. This holds true if you reside in a humid and hot area.

When purchasing a new air conditioning unit, buy one that has an Energy Star-related system that comes with an SEER of at least 14. You should also purchase a system that has the right size. It is also a good thing to replace the whole unit and not only outside condenser. In case you don’t replace the blow fan or/and coil, you will not get the rated efficiency.

Switch to CFLs

 Use CFLs or compact fluorescent light bulbs because they can significantly trim down your lighting and cooling costs too. Compared to incandescents, CFLs offer very little heat. About 90% of the electricity produced by incandescent bulbs is converted to heat rather than light and that means you are wasting a lot of money.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Another easy upgrade you can do to cut heating and cooling cost is by installing a programmable thermostat. Your energy bill could be reduced between 5 and 20% when you set your heating and cooling system by four to six degrees warmer when you are not home or if you went on a vacation and automatically lower the temp to 78 degrees once you are back home.

Change or Clean AC Filters Every Month

A filthy air filter will slow the flow of air and make the blower fan as well as the cooling unit work a lot harder. Dirty air filters are the primary cause of breakdowns and they cost around 7% more in heating and cooling cost.

Fix Leaks

In case your house was built at least ten years ago, it most likely has a well sealed ductwork. However, if you reside in an older house, between 10 to 40% of the cooled air is lost through openings and gaps in the duct joints. The cool air will be wasted once the ducts go through a basement, crawl space, or attic. This could be a difficult DIY project since it needs a professional cooling and heating repair Myrtle Beach contractor to test for leaks before and after the .

If you want to seal the ducts on your own, be sure to check for bad connections, splits, and cracks. Also feel for escaping air whenever your system is running. Once you have sealed the leaks, be sure to keep the ducts cool by installing insulation.

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