HVAC Myrtle BeachEveryone knows that blood pressure indicates the health of a person. In case their blood pressure is within a range that is acceptable then they are healthy. However, if the blood pressure is too high then there is a problem, which commonly involves restricting correct blood flow. Your HVAC system, in a way, also has its own blood pressure, or an indicator if it is still in good health or not. It is referred to as static pressure.

The HVAC system’s static pressure is a measure of its airflow resistance throughout the heat pump, coil, filter, and ductwork. Just like your body, if the resistance to flow is high, the system should work harder in order to keep up. Working the unit harder could lead to premature failure. So, what’s the good news? You can avoid this with the right knowledge and regular maintenance.

Factors That May Cause Improper HVAC Static Pressure

Ductwork – an incorrectly sized or installed ductwork could result into an increase in the static pressure. Ductwork could be oversized, which has too little pressure, over undersized, which has increasing pressure. Incorrectly designed or installed ductwork that has too many bends, ductwork that is collapsing, or lack of support could lead to more resistance to airflow. Return duct sizing must not be disregarded because it could also affect the static pressure.

Filters – the type and the size of the filter that is used in an HVAC unit can affect the static pressure. A common 1” pleated filter will add more static pressure compared to a 4” pleated filter. A 4” pleated filter has a bigger surface area providing the air more ways to pass through without any restriction.

Evaporator Coil – in case the evaporator coil is filthy or obstructed with debris, the air flow will be restricted which will lead to an increased static pressure.

Results of Incorrect HVAC Static Pressure

  • Temperature will differ throughout your house. You might notice that a few rooms or parts of your home will feel warmer or colder than other spots depending on the season.
  • The HVAC Myrtle Beach unit will experience component malfunction. Generally, blower motors as well as components linked with the blower motor circuit are commonly the first ones to fail

Testing HVAC Static Pressure

As a homeowner, it is better to leave this test to HVAC contractors.

What Will An HVAC Contractor Do?

With the fan operating on the heat pump, the HVAC contractor will create a tiny hole in the return duct prior to the filter, and then another one in the supply ductwork following the evaporator coil. He will use a manometer to measure the difference in the pressure. The obtained measurement will be compared to the rating on the unit’s blower motor. In case the system is discovered to be operating beyond the recommended range, your HVAC contractor will discuss the options to fix the problem.

Measuring the HVAC static pressure will let your HVAC contractor pin point the problem before it leads to a major failure. If you have your unit serviced before the beginning of a new heating or cooling season, be sure that your HVAC contractor will check on the blood pressure of the system and make sure that it is within acceptable range.

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