Tips For Cutting Cooling Costs and Saving Energy

heating repairIf you live in a place with a hot climate, you know very well how expensive it could be to stay cool. Some households spend as much as $700 for their monthly energy costs while others spend only about $300. However, costs vary within regions and even in a single neighbourhood. Your house may spend $700 on cooling while others just spend half of that. If you are one of those who have high energy costs or have concerns with heating repair, then this article is for you.

Lower Cooling Costs While Saving Energy

Buy A New Air Conditioner

You should consider buying a new air conditioner if what you currently have is a decade old system. Be sure to choose an Energy Star model if you want to cut your cooling cost by as much as 50% and help you save enough cash over the lifespan of the new unit to offset the money you paid to buy it. This holds true if you reside in a humid and hot area.

When purchasing a new air conditioning unit, buy one that has an Energy Star-related system that comes with an SEER of at least 14. You should also purchase a system that has the right size. It is also a good thing to replace the whole unit and not only outside condenser. In case you don’t replace the blow fan or/and coil, you will not get the rated efficiency.

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Heat Pump Repairs: 5 Things You Must Know

heat pumpHeat pumps are extremely popular heating and cooling solution in Myrtle Beach thanks to the mild climate. But, just like all the other machines out there, they will also require repair. Here are a few things you need to know when it comes to having your heat pump repaired.

How To Keep Your Heat Pumps Healthy?

Additional Maintenance Is Required

The one disadvantage of having dual use systems is that they need more maintenance than a conventional air conditioner or heat pump. It requires preventive maintenance but it’s worth it.

You Should Fix Problems Right Away

Frequent cycling, strange noises, freezing up, as well as unexplainable high utility bills are all indications that there’s something wrong with your unit. Early intervention could prevent that small issue from turning into a major repair or replacement problem.

Be Mindful of The System’s Age

It depends on the model and make. The unit is most likely designed to last up to 15 years. You have to check the date when it was manufactured. In case you are getting close to its lifespan, it may be time for the unit to be replaced.

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When Do You Need Heating Repair?

heating repairAre you worried that your heater could break down anytime? In case you have no idea if you need heating repair, then it’s about time for you to know the most common ones. Nobody wants to have to repair their heating system. However, it’s even worse if your heater broke down totally, calling for an emergency repair that could possibly cost you a lot more.

Professional HVAC contractors say heating repair Myrtle Beach is crucial so as to prevent higher repair costs as well as sudden system breakdowns. Apart from that, the sooner you fix the system, the lower your monthly bills are going to be and the longer your system will last.

Signs You Require Heating Repair

Weird Noises From The Vents or Cabinet

What can make it more difficult to detect problems with the heat pump in some cases is that it could be quite easy to ignore issues that are not getting in your way. A weird noise might be something that is not a concern especially when you do not hang out in the spot every day. However, the odd noises could be an indication of a major issue. A buzzing noise, for instance, may be a sign of something electrical, while a screech could be a sight that the belt has been worn out and it could break at any moment. A bang or a pop could also be very dangerous, possibly damaging the system’s heat exchange Read More When Do You Need Heating Repair?