Tips For Air Sealing Your Home

heating and coolingLook for and get rid of air leaks inside your house and cut back on your heating and cooling costs. Provided below are some tips on how to air seal your house and improve your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Begin With A Home Energy Audit

Several utility firms provide free home energy audits. In case yours does too, then be sure to schedule an appointment so you can have your house checked out by a professional. They will most likely do what is referred to as a blower door test to determine if there are air leaks inside your house. That is why once they depressurize your house to see where air escapes. It is most likely to pinpoint issues that you may otherwise not see. In case your utility provider does not provide this free service, think of hiring a professional energy auditor to perform the test for you.

Would you like to save some money on your heating and cooling by doing your very own energy audit?

Here are some tips on how you could identify the air leaks in every area of your house.

Exterior Air Sealing

Inspect the area where two building materials come together for cracks or gaps that may allow air in or out of your house. This may include, but not limited to, where the chimney and siding meet, where the foundation and siding meets, and where the roof and siding meet. You should also check for spaces where vents, electrical, or plumbing come through the exterior walls, the roof, and the foundation. And do not forget to inspect the seals surrounding your doors and windows. Take care of any problems that you may find without exterior grade flashing or caulking.

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How To Keep Your Home Warm and Save Money This Winter

heatingHeating accounts for more than 70% of the consumed energy in homes. So bringing this figure down will help keep houses warm enough. It will also help cut bills and meet the carbon reduction commitments.

Winter Heating Tips That Are Easy On The Budget

Use your curtains.

Make the most of the heat that comes from the sun. Open your curtains so sunshine can enter your home during the day. Once it gets dark, you can close your curtains, which will also provide you with additional layer of insulation while keeping your rooms warm at night. You should also be sure that there are no gaps or leaks so that warm air will remain inside while keeping cold air out. This will help cut down condensation.

Move Your Sofa

It may look like a good idea to have your sofa placed in front of the radiator. It’s not. It is absorbing the head that should be warming your house. By moving the sofa away, hot air will be able to circulate. This also applies to drying clothes and curtains. Make sure they placed far away from the radiator so you could make the most out of the heat source.

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Heating Tips For Entertaining During The Holidays In Winter

heatingPreparing for the best Christmas get together requires hard work. Between doing the grocery, to cooking, and decorating, the last thing that you would like to hear are complaints from your family and friends. If there is one thing that will make everyone happy, it’s to have a cozy and warm atmosphere. This means making sure that your heating unit is prepared for the holidays.

Winter Heating Tips For Entertaining Your Guests During Holidays

Prepare Your Heating System

Even if your heat pump may be heating your house without any problem right now, it is always a good idea to plan ahead and prevent potential breakdowns in the future.

The simplest way to make sure that your heat pump is prepared for the holiday festivities is with a routine maintenance visit. An HVAC contractor Myrtle Beach will check the heating system, do some maintenance jobs as needed like changing filters, oiling parts, and etc.

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Easy Tips on Ways to Slash Your Heating Expenses at Home

Myrtle Beach heatingEven though the rate of electricity has actually gone down rather than up, don’t anticipate your heating bills to necessarily do the exact same! You might think of big ways to minimize your costs however you should really focus on making the most of the energy performance of your home. This is the very best method to recognize overall savings, not just on your heating costs but your whole electrical expense when now that winter has arrived and your heating expenses are increasing.

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling an old one or simply want to make do with what you have, there are a number of easy ways to increase energy efficiency. A few of the options include significant home improvement projects, and while you might be out some cash upfront, you will recognize fantastic savings for years to come. Think about improving your energy efficiency as a method of helping the environment. If you can slash your heating Myrtle Beach costs, you are minimizing your reliance on nonrenewable fuel sources for energy.

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Tips To Warm Up Your Home This Winter Season

heating and coolingWinter is already here and while many homeowners do what they can to make sure their houses are warm throughout the colder season, there will always be other ways to keep your place cozy and comfortable without amping up the thermostat. Therefore, as temperatures continue to drop outside, be sure to take some proactive heating and cooling steps inside your home using these tips.

How To Remain Cozy and Comfortable

Install a programmable thermostat

You no longer have to manually set the heat pump. If you push it too far, it will start up and become too warm. If you push it too little, then it will turn off. Installing a programmable thermostat could save you up to 10% a year on your heating and cooling Myrtle Beach costs by just turning the thermostat back between seven to ten degrees for eight hours every day from its regular setting. Programmable thermostat could store several daily settings that you could override manually without affect the rest of the weekly or daily program.

Reverse the Ceiling Fans

Did you know that many of the ceiling fans these days come with a winter setting which reverses the fan so that it will move clockwise instead of counter clockwise? If not, you’re not alone. Because heat increases, the clockwise spinning of the fan would push the heat back down into the room rather than being trapped up at your home’s ceiling.

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What You Need To Know About Heating and Cooling Repairs

heating and coolingIf your heating and cooling unit needs repair, you’re most likely feeling the pressure form your wallet and your watch. Money and time are the two primary things that homeowners go against when their home’s HVAC system breaks down.

Finding a Heating and Cooling Repair Contractor

It will take time to get the system repaired. You need to make the appointment and what for the technician to come to your home. Then depending on who you hire, you might end up spending your entire day watching the repairmen walk in and out of your house.

Money is another thing that goes out the window along with the cool and hot air of your home’s Myrtle Beach heating and cooling system. Repairs could be very pricey. Finding a contractor that will get the job done correctly and effectively is important when it comes to keeping the costs down.

There are several ways for you to save time and cash when it comes to the heating and air conditioning unit of your home. Fixes could be very costly. Regular maintenance and care on your part as a homeowner can keep the need to repair the unit to a minimum. Be sure that the air conditioning unit remains in good shape. Keep it covered during winter and be sure that it is kept clean during the summer.

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All About Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

cooling systemsHeating and cooling systems have turned into a standardized method of dealing with fluctuating weather and climate patterns such as air conditioning that will keep us cool during summers as well as heating units that keep us warm during the winter season. Residential heating and cooling units are much less complicated when compared to industrial as well as commercial heating and cooling units. Several homeowners find that they could reduce costs and keep home cooling as well as heating units working efficiently with appropriate and regular care and maintenance. Given that, it’s important to know the fundamental functioning of heating and cooling units to help us know the components and their functions.

Both heating and cooling systems function on the fundamental premise that heat will move from a warm object then to a cool object, just like in the case of water that flows from the higher level to the lower ones. Therefore, air conditioners get rid of heat from the air to make sure that the home while heaters add warm air into your house.

There are three basic components in a heating and cooling systems

  1. The source of warmed or cooled air.
  2. Method of distributing to the space that needs to be heated or cooled.
  3. A control process to regulate the system.

Sources of warm and cool air tend to use the same distribution and control systems like hot and cool air flow through the exact same air duct and the regulation is conducted by the same thermostat. When the unit does not work properly, one of these three fundamental functions might be the problem.

Heating and cooling systems require fuel for energy; air conditioning units are operated by electricity while heating systems could use gas or oil besides electricity. In summers, the unit works to get rid of heat from the inside of the house to the outside while during winter, it will move heat from outside to inside your home.

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Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

heating and air Myrtle BeachHeating and air conditioning systems possess the dual function of heating your house during winter and keeping it cool during the summer season. They could be fueled by gas, oil, as well as electricity. They are some heating and air Myrtle Beach units that are operated by wind or solar power. However, they are quite unusual at this moment.

Important Points To Know About Heating and Air Myrtle Beach

Even though they are excellent units, heating and cooling are not without their issues. A few systems can dry out the air inside your house, which will cause issues for those family members who suffer from allergies or asthma. The problem’s extent will be based on the area where you live in and humidity also plays an important factor. If it’s turning into an issue in your house, be sur to talk to your heating contractor about the installation of a humidifier. In case you live in Myrtle Beach, be sure to talk to DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc. who are experts in this field.

Most houses have a basic unit installed however, when you move house, you need to review the current package with a heating and cooling contractor. It may have served the requirements of the past resident but that does not mean it will be ideally suited for your unique needs. It’s also worth doing this in case you have lived in your property for several years and systems have already been modernized. A new central heating and air conditioning system might be costly but you could find that the cost savings you get in your energy bills together with the higher standard of comfort you enjoy in your house are worth it.

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Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Heating and Cooling System

heating and coolingYour home or business’ heating and cooling system takes a lot of beating but is often taken for granted. This unit keeps us comfortable as go about our daily routines. But just like all the other types of equipment, this unit require routine maintenance because of many reasons.

Heating and Cooling Systems Must Be Safe To Use

The first reason why you need to maintain your heating and cooling system is safety. These units are commonly powered by gas, electricity, or oil. A system failure or malfunction could have a serious effect on the unit if it is left unchecked. As time passes, the system’s wiring will become degraded or become loose. Gas powered systems accumulate rust and soot and its venting system could also become rusty or dirty. Additionally, bacteria may build up in the cooling unit. These are only a few of the factors that can lead to safety and health concerns for you and your family. With routine preventative maintenance, you can reduce safety risks and problems either on the system itself or other external sources.

Heating and Cooling Systems Must Be Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is the next top reason why your heating and cooling unit requires routine maintenance. An increase in operation costs is almost always notable in houses or businesses with a neglected HVAC unit. A filthy heat pump, and air conditioner will costs more to operate. The components of the unit will become weak and no longer functioning optimally, which leads to high utility costs as well as extended run times. The price you have to pay for a routine maintenance is significantly lower compared to the high monthly utility bills that you have to settle when your running an inefficient unit.

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