Money Saving Tips When Using Heat Pumps

Energy Saving TipsHeating can account for more than 35% of homeowners’ winter power bill, which is why picking out the best option when it comes to heating your house is crucial. Heat pumps are one of the most common heating solution in Myrtle Beach.

These units are an extremely affordable alternative to the conventional electric heating solutions since they move instead of generating heat. They are by far the most cost effective and energy efficient way to make sure that your home is kept dry and warm during the cooler season.

If you want to make full use of your heat pump, it is crucial to know that a single size doesn’t fit all. Picking out the correct model for your home, regular maintenance, and using it properly can help you save cash on your winter power bills in the coming years.

Listed below are a few things to consider when you are buying a new heat pump. In case you already have one in your house, there are eight tips on how you can best use the unit for heating your home during winter.

How To Use Your Heat Pump Efficiently

The best method of using a heat pump Myrtle Beach is to keep its setting low. It is not recommended to use it to the maximum. Even though it doesn’t heat your rom any faster, you will get to save much more energy. Set it to switch on in 15 minutes before you actually need it.

Make sure that you prepare the unit for the cold weather season.

You should clean the indoor as well as the outdoor heat pump filter on a regular basis, once a year at the very least. It is quick and simple to do this on your own unless you find it difficult to access the outside unit.

You should only heat the space that you are using. Don’t heat up the rooms in your house that are not being used.

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How Does A Heat Pump Work During Cold Weather?

heat pumpHeat pumps are versatile systems as they can be used to both cool and heat your home. The process they use are much like the way a refrigerator uses to keep food fresh and cold. Have you seen the hot coils at the back of your fridge? They are responsible for releasing heat from the inside. You might be wondering how it works. So, provided below is a guide to help you understand the process a heat pump uses to transfer heat energy to cool and heat an enclosed space.

Heat Pumps: How Do They Work?

Heat pumps use refrigerant to take up and produce heat energy through a process that involves pressurizing gas to heat it up and then depressurizes it so it will cool down. There are different kinds of heat pumps, like air to water and geothermal, but the most common ones are the geothermal heat pumps.

Imagine a bicycle pump and an aerosol can. If you release air, the released gas will feel cold. When you add pressure, the tire of the bicycle will heat up.  If the refrigerant will change states, from liquid and then to gas, the temperature will also change. The refrigerant is made to reach specific temperatures at certain pressures for efficiency.

Heat Pump For Cooling

In summer and spring, the heat pump will absorb heat from indoors using the units evaporator and then releases it outdoors through the outdoor unit.

The liquid coolant will move to the evaporator where it will get depressurized and become gas. This gas will become very cold and it will absorb all of the heat it could from the inside of your house before it travels to the outdoor compressor and become a hot liquid.

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