Tips When Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling Your House

air conditioningDon’t panic if your air conditioning system is not working. There are things you can do to determine the cause and address the problem.

Thermal Detectors To Find Out If There Are Leaks

The majority of homes lose about 15% of cool air because of leaks that cannot be seen through the naked eye. You can buy a thermal detector on Amazon for about $39 so you could recoup the cost in around two months.

You will find a five to 10 degrees swings around the window seams, provided that you are using energy efficient windows. In case you are short on cash, a thick bead of caulk or a heavy glazing around all seams could help, however, you will still lose the cold air through the old plan glass or cheaper double pane windows. You can also uncover tiny nooks, holes, and crannies where cold air is getting out using a thermal detector.

Most of the time, doors are the primary culprit and can use new or additional weather stripping. Don’t forget to examine electrical outlets that are found on exterior walls.

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Ductwork Design For Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

air conditioningCentral air conditioning is a modern answer to keep in indoor heat and humidity. Operating through a system of ducts that produce cool as well as dehumidified air to several parts of a building. Contemporary air conditioners can control the climate in both winter and summer.

Commercial Air Conditioning System

Commercial air conditioning systems make use of specialized ducts that offer equal amounts of heated and cooled air to the rooms of the commercial establishment. These specially made and designed ducts are likewise one of the primary parts of the air ventilation system installed in big buildings like hospitals, office establishments, apartments, and shopping malls. This is performed with the assistance of correct air flow devices like Myrtle Beach air conditioning units.

Steel ducts are extremely popular because of their high quality and durability. They function as the primary arteries of the system. Ductwork is comprised of different materials based on the weather of your area as well as your specific need. Conventional ducts are made of metal sheet as its fundamental framework and then insulated as its secondary layer. Aluminum ducts are becoming increasingly popular because they have longer durability as well as less chances of rusting out because of the moisture that is present in the cooled air.

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How To Avoid Air Conditioning Repair

air conditioning repairIf you want to prolong the lifespan of air conditioning unit and make sure that the air inside your home is healthy, you need to maintain it regularly. Air conditioning isn’t something that you just replace on a whim. It costs a significant amount of money and that’s why you need to take care of it. With proper maintenance and care, your unit can serve you for several years to come. Another reason why you have to take good care of your air conditioner is to avoid expensive air conditioning repair. Keep the following tips in mind because they can help you keep your unit in good condition.

Tips To Lessen Air Conditioning Repair

Make your unit leak proof – be sure that you inspect all of the hoses for leaks at least two times a year to catch onto any issues that may lead to major air conditioning repair Myrtle Beach in the future. Generally speaking, you should inspect for leaks in summer if you begin using your air conditioners on a regular basis and at least once before you switch it off during the winter season. It’s crucial for the condensation tube to drain freely to make sure that the system runs smoothly.

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Hiring An Air Conditioner Repair Myrtle Beach Contractor

air conditioning repair Myrtle BeachWhenever your heating and cooling system at home requires repair, you may be tempted to go online or check the yellow pages. Some people who do so end up calling the air conditioner repair Myrtle Beach contractor that they come across with. Unfortunately, this way of choosing a contractor when you are under pressure because your system needs immediate attention can be a recipe for trouble, especially for you.

If you are choosing an air conditioner repair contractor there are other important questions that need to be asked and answered aside from just asking when the contractor can visit you. It is not that it’s not important. It is just that if you don’t ask the right questions, you may end up spending more cash that you’re supposed to. Not only will you be wasting money but you will also have to go through a lot of stress along the way.

So how do you choose the right air conditioner contractor? It all begins with your first phone call, but there is more to that.

  1. Check their ratings on the Better Business Bureau
  2. Do they answer the calls promptly and professionally?
  3. Do they provide a clear timeline for the air conditioning repair service?
  4. Will they give you a courtesy call on the day of the service to inform you that the technician is scheduled to visit your home?
  5. Is the technician assigned to you professional in the way she talks or acts?

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Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

air conditioning repair Myrtle BeachWhether you have a one-room or whole-house air conditioner, do not make it harder that it supposed to be. Follow these air conditioner repair Myrtle Beach and maintenance tips to make sure that your unit runs smoothly so your home will stay cool throughout every season.

Know How Your Air Conditioning Unit Works

Most air conditioners come with two basic parts: the outdoor unit (condenser/compressor) that is located next to your house and the indoor unit (evaporator) that is placed in a central duct close to your heat pump. In case you have a heat pump, the indoor system would be in the air handler. You can use the same maintenance steps presented here. In case you have a heat pump, you should refer to the owner’s manual to know how to deal with it.

Keep It Tidy

Vacuum the AC unit’s fins using a soft bristle brush until it is clean. They are fragile and could be easily crushed or bent. On several systems you will have to unscrew and then lift off the metal box to reach them. You should also check the owner’s manual for specific directions and lift the box off carefully so you could avoid bumping the fins.

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How To Identify Poorly Installed Air Ducts

air conditioning repair Myrtle BeachEach time you turn on the heating and air conditioning system, the air will flow through the supply ducts and then out through the return ducts. In case your HVAC system is the core, supply ducts are comparable to the arteries while the return ducts are the veins. The air ducts that run through your house are an important component of the HVAC unit. However, you might be surprised as to how many ductwork systems are incorrectly installed and need air conditioning repair Myrtle Beach.

Energy Star said that more than 50% of the new units in the homes within the United States do not perform as expected because of improper installation. The incorrect sizing and installation of the HVAC unit causes reduced performance, high energy bills, poor air distribution, and worse air quality indoors. In case your ductwork has lots of air leaks and incorrectly designed duct systems, you will surely have poor indoor air quality and high energy bills compared to those that have insulated and sealed ducts.

Poor Duct Installation and Air Conditioning Repair Myrtle Beach

Air duct leaks will cause your HVAC unit to work harder than it is supposed to. Apart from losing conditioned air, if the ducts are not tight, dirty air is going to be sucked in due to the negative air pressure. Air duct leaks are common in basements, garages, attics, and crawlspaces. Search for gaps, cracks, as well as poor connections around your air duct seams. Think about scheduling an air conditioning repair Myrtle Beach service if you think your home has leaky ducts.

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Key Points To Know About Air Conditioning Repair Myrtle Beach

air conditioning repair Myrtle BeachThe growing mercury levels and air conditioning repair Myrtle Beach continues to be on your pending chores and you keep postponing it because of several reasons. The idea of having to repair your air conditioning system can be frustrating, you have no choice but to fix it yourself or have it repaired by a professional. If you know how to do it then you can take on the task on your own. However, you have to identify the problem first before looking for the best and most appropriate solution.

The main problem commonly found in the majority of air conditioning problems is motor dysfunction. Basically, it’s the time when the motor of your unit comes to a full stop. This can be an indication of other issues in your air conditioning system. Apart from that, there are other problems that can prevent the cooling. If the ice builds up on the hoses then the cooling equipment will show that something is definitely wrong with it.

Identifying Different Problems

When the outer surface or the interior of the system is surrounded by chunks of ice then it requires proper maintenance. The need for air conditioning repair can be avoided by maintaining your system on a regular basis. If you ignore the accumulation of ice then you might eventually need to replace the unit prematurely.

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When Should I Replace My Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning Unit?

Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning Repair

Because you want to make sure your Myrtle Beach air conditioning unit will not fail you this summer season, you should do an inspection and check its efficiency. But how would you know whether or not to repair it or replace the entire unit? It may difficult for you to figure out what is the right thing to do to your HVAC unit, especially if you are not familiar with the model.

Replace or Repair Your Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning Unit

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How To Keep Your Air Conditioning Running Smoothly

air conditioning repairRegular air conditioning repair and maintenance will help you save money on your utility bills, extend its lifespan, and avoid costly premature parts replacement. Your HVAC system consists of a heat pump as well as an air conditioning or a heat pump, which will heat and cool.

These types come with an interior unit that is comprised of the evaporator and blower as well as an exterior unit that is made up of the condenser coil and the compressor. The instructions provided below is applicable to a heat pump or a whole home air conditioning unit.

Turn Off The Power Before Any Type Of Air Conditioning Repair

Because of the dangers of working with electricity as well as the moving parts of the air conditioning system, it is important to completely shut off the power to the unit before doing anything else like air conditioning repair North Myrtle Beach. On the exterior compressor/condenser, search for an exterior shut off box that is located close to the unit. Inside your home, turn off the power at the breaker box.

Get Rid Of The Debris

Take out the fan cage at the exterior compressor/condenser. Use a wrench r a screwdriver to remove the fasteners and then lift the fan case or grill away from the top part of the unit. Manually or using a wet/dry vacuum clean the leaves and debris from the interior.

Clean The Fins

Take out the outer covers and then use the brush attachment on the shop vacuum to get rid of all the outside dirt. You should then use a soft stream from a hose to spray through the fins from the inside out to get rid of any accumulated dirt or debris from between them. Don’t use a pressure washer, because the pressure can damage the fins. In case the fins are dirty, you can use a fin cleaning spray, which is available at your local home improvement stores. You should also straighten bent fins because they can reduce efficiency of the flow of air through the fins. Avoid damaging the tubing that is embedded within the finds.

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How To Prevent Costly Air Conditioning Repairs

air conditioning repair Myrtle BeachCentral air conditioning units are a requirement and necessity in many homes and businesses. But having one installed in your home or office comes not only with benefits but with problems as well. The biggest advantage to having an air conditioner that is running properly is that it can reduce humidity and heat inside your house during the warmer months. Because of that, you as a homeowner will get to enjoy better air quality and improved comfort. If you want to have these benefits, AC systems have to regularly and correctly maintained, which means at least twice per year. Listed below are a few of the most common issues and air conditioning repairs Myrtle Beach that homeowners face with these units and the possible issues that could be the result of incorrect or lack of maintenance.

Why Is Air Conditioning Repair Myrtle Beach Important?

Health Problems Due To Mold or Poor Air Quality

Air conditioning units that are poorly maintained can lead to serious health problems to the occupants of the house. These units are usually effective when it comes to circulating air throughout the rooms and other parts of your home and because of that it can easily spread contaminants and pollutants like mold. These could cause health issues like asthma and allergies.

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