How To Keep Your Air Conditioning Running Smoothly

air conditioning repairRegular air conditioning repair and maintenance will help you save money on your utility bills, extend its lifespan, and avoid costly premature parts replacement. Your HVAC system consists of a heat pump as well as an air conditioning or a heat pump, which will heat and cool.

These types come with an interior unit that is comprised of the evaporator and blower as well as an exterior unit that is made up of the condenser coil and the compressor. The instructions provided below is applicable to a heat pump or a whole home air conditioning unit.

Turn Off The Power Before Any Type Of Air Conditioning Repair

Because of the dangers of working with electricity as well as the moving parts of the air conditioning system, it is important to completely shut off the power to the unit before doing anything else like air conditioning repair North Myrtle Beach. On the exterior compressor/condenser, search for an exterior shut off box that is located close to the unit. Inside your home, turn off the power at the breaker box.

Get Rid Of The Debris

Take out the fan cage at the exterior compressor/condenser. Use a wrench r a screwdriver to remove the fasteners and then lift the fan case or grill away from the top part of the unit. Manually or using a wet/dry vacuum clean the leaves and debris from the interior.

Clean The Fins

Take out the outer covers and then use the brush attachment on the shop vacuum to get rid of all the outside dirt. You should then use a soft stream from a hose to spray through the fins from the inside out to get rid of any accumulated dirt or debris from between them. Don’t use a pressure washer, because the pressure can damage the fins. In case the fins are dirty, you can use a fin cleaning spray, which is available at your local home improvement stores. You should also straighten bent fins because they can reduce efficiency of the flow of air through the fins. Avoid damaging the tubing that is embedded within the finds.

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Does Your Home Need A Ductless Split Cooling System?

ductless HVACWith the heat wave these days, it is understandable that you would like to spend more time inside your house. You might not be inclined to work your air conditioning system more hours if the heat becomes extremely unbearable. However, what are you going to do if you don’t have a reliable unit to help you get through the hot summer days? Also, what if you cannot make the jump from window units to a central air conditioning system because of how your home was constructed? Is there any other alternative for you? The answer is yes – ductless HVAC.

Homes that use simple window units or no air conditioning system have no choice because there may be no ducts in their homes that would allow them to support central AC. In case you have rooms in your house do not have windows, you may find it difficult to keep them comfortable and cool any time of the year. You should consider having a ductless HVAC Myrtle Beach.

What Is A Ductless HVAC?

A ductless air conditioning is a way to cool your house without the benefit of a ductwork. These things can be mounted on a wall, on the floor, or on the ceiling of rooms to give off cool air. The indoor unit i9s linked to a bigger outdoor system through refrigerant and electrical lines. Ductless systems are usually quiet, and varying units offer different levels of cooling comfort.

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Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Heating and Cooling System

heating and coolingYour home or business’ heating and cooling system takes a lot of beating but is often taken for granted. This unit keeps us comfortable as go about our daily routines. But just like all the other types of equipment, this unit require routine maintenance because of many reasons.

Heating and Cooling Systems Must Be Safe To Use

The first reason why you need to maintain your heating and cooling system is safety. These units are commonly powered by gas, electricity, or oil. A system failure or malfunction could have a serious effect on the unit if it is left unchecked. As time passes, the system’s wiring will become degraded or become loose. Gas powered systems accumulate rust and soot and its venting system could also become rusty or dirty. Additionally, bacteria may build up in the cooling unit. These are only a few of the factors that can lead to safety and health concerns for you and your family. With routine preventative maintenance, you can reduce safety risks and problems either on the system itself or other external sources.

Heating and Cooling Systems Must Be Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is the next top reason why your heating and cooling unit requires routine maintenance. An increase in operation costs is almost always notable in houses or businesses with a neglected HVAC unit. A filthy heat pump, and air conditioner will costs more to operate. The components of the unit will become weak and no longer functioning optimally, which leads to high utility costs as well as extended run times. The price you have to pay for a routine maintenance is significantly lower compared to the high monthly utility bills that you have to settle when your running an inefficient unit.

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How To Prevent Costly Air Conditioning Repairs

air conditioning repair Myrtle BeachCentral air conditioning units are a requirement and necessity in many homes and businesses. But having one installed in your home or office comes not only with benefits but with problems as well. The biggest advantage to having an air conditioner that is running properly is that it can reduce humidity and heat inside your house during the warmer months. Because of that, you as a homeowner will get to enjoy better air quality and improved comfort. If you want to have these benefits, AC systems have to regularly and correctly maintained, which means at least twice per year. Listed below are a few of the most common issues and air conditioning repairs Myrtle Beach that homeowners face with these units and the possible issues that could be the result of incorrect or lack of maintenance.

Why Is Air Conditioning Repair Myrtle Beach Important?

Health Problems Due To Mold or Poor Air Quality

Air conditioning units that are poorly maintained can lead to serious health problems to the occupants of the house. These units are usually effective when it comes to circulating air throughout the rooms and other parts of your home and because of that it can easily spread contaminants and pollutants like mold. These could cause health issues like asthma and allergies.

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Established North Myrtle Beach HVAC company launches new and innovative website. The site was designed to bring maximum benefit to both residents and businesses looking for advice on maintaining their heating and cooling systems.

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – May 15, 2019 – Ductworks Heating and Cooling Inc., a leading provider of heating and cooling products and services in North Myrtle Beach and Horry County, announced today the launch of its new website at The new website features a simplified, streamlined, and modern design as well as enriched content areas to help both commercial and residential owners make informed decisions about their heating and cooling needs. It showcases sections containing a comprehensive list of products and services, an about us page where potential and existing clients can get to know the people behind Ductworks, as well as a reviews, service request, and special offers page.

After its launch, Ductworks Heating and Cooling Inc.’s new website will regularly be updated with news of special offers, new products and services, as well as full list of reviews from real clients. Visitors are highly encouraged to explore the website and to experience its clutter-free and easy to use website design.

“We are excited to provide valuable tips to home and condo owners on our new website that will help them save time and money. Our goal is to add content to the site on a regular basis,” states Cameron Hinson owner of Duckworks Heating and Cooling.


air conditioning repair

Troubleshooting Tips For Your Central Air Conditioning System

In case your central air conditioning unit instantly has little to almost no cooling power, you could check out some common problem areas and maybe fix the problem yourself instead of hiring an air conditioning repair technician. A home air conditioning unit has five primary elements:

  • Refrigerant
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion valve
  • Evaporator coil

Apart from that, the thermostat is the brain of the heating and cooling system. This part of the unit could also be a problem at times.

Air Conditioning Unit Won’t Turn On

Possible Causes

If you can’t get the air conditioning unit to activate at all, the most common issues lie with a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, a faulty thermostat or an internal switch being off.

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HVAC Options For New Construction Projects

Building a new business or home allows you to customize its appearance. In addition, it also allows you to decide how energy efficient you want things to be. If you don’t have an HVAC system, you don’t have to worry if it makes financial sense to replace the unit you have and you can simply base your decisions on the features offered by the new units. 

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

A conventional heat pump, central air conditioning, or heat pump system (rarely used in Myrtle Beach) could hardly be referred to as traditional in this day and age. Although their fundamental function is the same, big improvements were made in both operating costs and comfort. Newer units can now take on more efficient air filters to offer indoor air quality that is nearly the same as that in the hospital. Today’s most efficient HVAC units transform more than 90% of the energy they utilize to heat, older models were just 60% efficient. For high efficiency units that come with SEER ratings of at least 15, the energy savings range between 30% and 40% when compared to older models that come with an SEER rating of 10. Read More HVAC Options For New Construction Projects

Tips On Making Your AC Unit Ready For Spring

It’s good practice to maintain your central air conditioning unit at the start of every season, especially during the beginning of winter and spring. The recent polar vortex hit hard on some states and took a toll on outdoor equipment, heating, and cooling units included. The drastic drop in temperature can be problematic at times for outdoor equipment, which is why it is critical to routinely inspect them every once in a while to preserve their working order.

AC maintenance procedures that you must do

Check the outdoor unit panels

The panels are designed to protect the internals of the outdoor unit from the elements. However, strong winds or bumps could cause the panels to become loose or be taken out completely. In any case, the panels should be put back and secured in place. In case you’re is missing a panel that covers the electrical connection of the air conditioning North Myrtle Beach unit, call a qualified professional before starting the unit. It’s better to take caution as an electrical short could lead to numerous problems. Read More Tips On Making Your AC Unit Ready For Spring

AC maintenance

When Is The Best Time To Schedule AC Maintenance

Flowers are starting to bloom again and the air feels warmer. Spring is here and you as well as your home are ready for a much needed rejuvenation. In order to prepare yourself for the seasonal change, Ductworks Heating and Cooling has listed below some steps you should take to make sure that your home or office remains in top condition at all times. The perfect time to schedule AC maintenance is before or early spring. Any stress or damaged brought on by the harsh winter season can be treated and fixed with springtime TLC. It is also suggested to have an air conditioner tune up twice a year, in the fall and in the spring.

Importance Of Spring HVAC Service

As the warmer weather comes, there is also a need to have it serviced. The summer and spring are the times when you tend to blast your air conditioning unit. It is also one of the busiest time of the year for HVAC contractors. Anything that goes wrong with an air conditioning system that is overused tend to happen during these seasons, making HVAC contractors extremely busy during these periods.

By having an air conditioning tune up before peak temperatures come, you will be guaranteed to get a convenient appointment time and enjoy a sense of relief as you move into the heat. You will know that your air conditioning system is ready to function reliably throughout the summer season and all needed post winter fixes can be addressed without much inconvenience or discomfort.

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