HVAC Options For New Construction Projects

Building a new business or home allows you to customize its appearance. In addition, it also allows you to decide how energy efficient you want things to be. If you don’t have an HVAC system, you don’t have to worry if it makes financial sense to replace the unit you have and you can simply base your decisions on the features offered by the new units. 

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

A conventional heat pump, central air conditioning, or furnace system (rarely used in Myrtle Beach) could hardly be referred to as traditional in this day and age. Although their fundamental function is the same, big improvements were made in both operating costs and comfort. Newer units can now take on more efficient air filters to offer indoor air quality that is nearly the same as that in the hospital. Today’s most efficient HVAC units transform more than 90% of the energy they utilize to heat, older models were just 60% efficient. For high efficiency units that come with SEER ratings of at least 15, the energy savings range between 30% and 40% when compared to older models that come with an SEER rating of 10. Read More HVAC Options For New Construction Projects

Tips On Making Your AC Unit Ready For Spring

It’s good practice to maintain your central air conditioning unit at the start of every season, especially during the beginning of winter and spring. The recent polar vortex hit hard on some states and took a toll on outdoor equipment, heating, and cooling units included. The drastic drop in temperature can be problematic at times for outdoor equipment, which is why it is critical to routinely inspect them every once in a while to preserve their working order.

AC maintenance procedures that you must do

Check the outdoor unit panels

The panels are designed to protect the internals of the outdoor unit from the elements. However, strong winds or bumps could cause the panels to become loose or be taken out completely. In any case, the panels should be put back and secured in place. In case you’re is missing a panel that covers the electrical connection of the air conditioning North Myrtle Beach unit, call a qualified professional before starting the unit. It’s better to take caution as an electrical short could lead to numerous problems. Read More Tips On Making Your AC Unit Ready For Spring

AC maintenance

When Is The Best Time To Schedule AC Maintenance

Flowers are starting to bloom again and the air feels warmer. Spring is here and you as well as your home are ready for a much needed rejuvenation. In order to prepare yourself for the seasonal change, Ductworks Heating and Cooling has listed below some steps you should take to make sure that your home or office remains in top condition at all times. The perfect time to schedule AC maintenance is before or early spring. Any stress or damaged brought on by the harsh winter season can be treated and fixed with springtime TLC. It is also suggested to have an air conditioner tune up twice a year, in the fall and in the spring.

Importance Of Spring HVAC Service

As the warmer weather comes, there is also a need to have it serviced. The summer and spring are the times when you tend to blast your air conditioning unit. It is also one of the busiest time of the year for HVAC contractors. Anything that goes wrong with an air conditioning system that is overused tend to happen during these seasons, making HVAC contractors extremely busy during these periods.

By having an air conditioning tune up before peak temperatures come, you will be guaranteed to get a convenient appointment time and enjoy a sense of relief as you move into the heat. You will know that your air conditioning system is ready to function reliably throughout the summer season and all needed post winter fixes can be addressed without much inconvenience or discomfort.

Read More When Is The Best Time To Schedule AC Maintenance