Why Should You Clean The Air Ducts In Your Home?

air duct cleaningBefore, the information about air duct cleaning wasn’t that comprehensive and that’s why there was no blanket recommendation given to homeowners as to whether they should have their air duct systems at home cleaned. That’s no longer the case today.

Duct cleaning was never proven to be capable of preventing health issues. Studies also failed to demonstrate that particle levels in houses increase due to filthy air ducts. It is because most of the dirt that’s in the air ducts sticks to the duct surfaces and doesn’t really gets into your living space.

Always remember that filthy air ducts are just one of the many probable sources of particles that are found in your house. Activities like cleaning, cooking, smoking or just your physical movements can lead to greater exposure than filthy air ducts. Apart from that, there is no evidence that even the smallest amount of particulate matter or household dust in the air duct presents a risk to your health.

When To Get Air Duct System Cleaning

You need to have your air duct system Myrtle Beach cleaned if you notice visible signs of mold growth with hard surfaces ducts or on other components of your heating and cooling system. There are many crucial points that you need to know when it comes to mold detection in the HVAC unit.

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How Ductwork Issues Cause Airflow Problems

duct systemThe flexible duct has revolutionized the HVAC industry. The emergence of flex duct meant that HVAC contractors could cut back on the amount of time and skill that it requires to install a duct system. Apart from that, the flex duct will cost significantly less than other kinds of duct systems and are easier to transport and store.

But just like any great product, however, the key to its great performance is appropriate installation. More often than not, flex ducts are not installed correctly, and they wind up bunched up, kinked, sagging, or undersized.

These problems could lead to increased resistance in the duct system, causing too little airflow getting to the heating and cooling equipment of the building. Too little airflow will reduce the capacity and efficiency of the system and that means that a few rooms might not get enough cool or warm air, leaving occupants feeling uneasy and comfortable.

There are several resources that teach contractors how to correctly install flex duct. Manufacturers provide guidelines and there is a manual that is referred to as “green book.” In this manual, you will know how to properly install flexible ducts.

The Issues With Duct System

With the popularity of flexible duct in the world of HVAC, it seems like everybody knows how to install it properly. So why are there so many issues that involve incorrectly installed flex duct? The main factors include cutting back on the costs, rushing through the job because of the deadline, and more. Plus, people are not getting the proper training on how to install flex ducts properly.

One of the most common problems when it comes to installation is setting up a duct that is too small. Another issue is an incorrectly joined duct system, which leads to leakage.

Flex ducts are valuable tools if they are used correctly. Using them correctly, like straight runs, tight, gradual turns, as well as correct hanging techniques, it could be a great way to boost the profit margins.

What Could Happen?

Although improperly installed flex duct could have the short term result of not giving enough heating and cooling Myrtle Beach to a space, there are several long term issues as well. Lower coil temperature is the result of an air conditioner that functions at less than expected airflow across its evaporator.

This will cost frost in the coil, which leads to more restriction to the airflow and result in more frost. This cause and effect will result in a loss of capacity and that means the thermostat will not be able to satisfy the cooling demand. Consequently, you will end up having a long run cycle that doesn’t improve your comfort plus a great waste of energy.

There is no reason why a flex duct should be installed incorrectly because the resources exist for everyone to learn the correct way of installing one. If care is taken when performing this kind of job, then the flex duct will operate seamlessly for several years.

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Why You Need A Custom Ductwork?

ductworkEvery Myrtle Beach home is unique and that is why you require HVAC solutions that are distinctive as well. If you are updating your existing house or working on a new construction, you can get the comfort and efficiency that you need at a cheaper price with a custom ductwork. Don’t settle with a typical design if it is not providing the energy efficiency as well as the cooling that you require.

Reasons To Have Custom Ductwork

Poor Energy Efficiency

Do you have utility bills that are more than what you expected? In case your energy bills are increasing, the HVAC system in your home might be the culprit. Your initial plan of action needs to be to call an HVAC contractor for a diagnosis. Scheduling system maintenance that is long overdue or dealing with an important HVAC repair might solve your problem. In case it doesn’t, then you should check your ductwork.

In several houses, ductwork has an incorrect size and sealed incorrectly. But with a custom ductwork installation, you can solve both of these issues. You can improve your energy costs by installing the right kind of ductwork. In case they are too small, your unit will work harder than needed to push air through your house. In case the ducts are too big, you might suffer from uneven heating and cooling.

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What Is An AC Return Air Vent

air conditionerA properly working HVAC system is important to having a comfortable home. Although a lot of homeowners know how to operate their air conditioner, only some know how they work. Your air conditioning’s air vent is an important component of an HVAC unit and serves a lot of purposes. They do not just maintain the air pressure of your home as well as filter out the debris, they could also serve to save you on the energy costs and expenses, which his crucial in areas that are hot and humid.

What is an AC Return Air Vent?

An air conditioner will work by absorbing the warm air as well as moisture form your house. When the dampness has been separated from the air, your air conditioning unit will cool the warm air, and then send it back into your house through the return air vents.

Despite the name, these outlets take in air for the air conditioner. Therefore, an AC return air vent will recycle air from every room in your house. Warm air will then travel through a certain set of ducts which is referred to as a supply duct, and when it cools down, it will move back to the vents through a different set of ducts that is called a return duct.

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air duct cleaning

Top 5 Reasons To Clean Your Air Ducts

The air ducts in your house have an important task and that is to circulate the flow of air from your heating and cooling units throughout your house to make sure that it is in good condition at all times. And this takes place several times a day. However, it is not just the coolness or the warmth that affects you and your family. It will also affect the air that you breathe. Have you thought about the hours you spend inside your home? Is it 10 hours? Or maybe 12 hours? Remember, that is how long you spend inside your home every day! You need to make sure that it is as clean as it can be. Air duct cleaning is a process wherein dust and contaminants that exist inside the ductwork. Included in these are all the parts of the system such as the supply and return air ducts and the registers found in every room of your home. Air duct cleaning will include the use of powerful vacuums that will pull the dust as well as the debris from deep inside, which prevents it from moving and then circulating inside your house. In case you have never had your air ducts professionally cleaned in the past, now is the best time.

There are several benefits to air duct cleaning, and these are as follows:

Creating A Cleaner Environment

Just like everything else in your house, dust could begin to settle inside your ductwork after only a few hours of non movement. And when the system starts up, the dust will also start to move. However, it does not just remain in the ductwork, it will come out and go into your living environment, staying in your furniture, your bedding, and your floors. By getting rid of dust from within, you will make your house a cleaner place to live.

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Why Regular AC Ductwork Testing Is Important?

duct systemWhat are the ways to make your house energy efficient? As the cost of energy continue to increase, homeowners are wondering about if there is an answer to this question. The only issue is that they are getting all of the same answers. Experts will tell them to add more insulation, change old windows, or have their heat pumps, or hot water system checked and maintained. However, they almost never mention leaky duct system as a possible culprit for your issues of energy inefficiency at home. Why is that the case?

In most cases, they do not mention it since the average homeowner does not know anything about the duct system Myrtle Beach. By comparison, the homeowner may know a bit about rickety windows or insulation, so he or she might be more receptive to those recommendations. Homeowners would, on the other hand, be wise to be a bit more open-minded. Why? Professionals in the industry believe that more than two thirds of the home duct systems are leaky to warrant sealing or repairing them.

The Cost Of Duct System Maintenance

These substandard duct systems could significantly boost heating as well as AC bills by lowering system performance as well as capacity. The U.S. Department of Energy said that duct systems with major flaws and leaks could lose about 30 percent of the cooled air that passes through them. This common issue is also responsible for the comfort problems that many homeowners complain about like cold or drafty rooms, humid or hot areas, and spaces that are poorly ventilated.

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What Homeowners Must Know About Duct Systems

duct systemAre you among those who are trying to learn as much as you can about your home as well as its inner workings? If yes then don’t worry. You are not alone. This is common among first time homeowners. Unfortunately, a lot of people overlook the intricacies of their ductwork. With HVAC units becoming a basic necessity for every family, it is crucial to know the importance of keeping your duct system in good shape for optimal living conditions. Here are some facts that you need to know.

Duct System: What You Need To Know

Ductworks are enclosed passages distributing air throughout your home.

The first thing when it comes to learning about your ductwork is understanding what it is. All houses with HVAC Myrtle Beach units have ducts within their walls. They are enclosed passages that are responsible for moving air within your home. It needs to have the ability to get rid of old air to make sure the air quality is maintained and the unit is energy efficient. Therefore, a duct system can supply air, get rid of air, as well as ventilate the atmosphere. The ductwork supply refers to the whole system, which includes the sizing, planning, as well as the layout of the channels.

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All About HVAC Ductwork Design

duct systemA duct system is important when it comes to HVAC systems on industrial buildings and residential properties. Ducts are comprised of several tubes that transfer cooled and heated air from HVAC appliances to the different rooms in your house. The industrial and residential ductwork have the same purpose. They are made with efficiency in mind and are designed to add comfort and convenience in the structure where it is installed in. The air distribution unit or ducts can be referred to as the lungs of a building. In many residential properties, 20% of the air that goes through a duct system would be lost because of leaks, holes, and even disconnected areas of the ductwork. Because of this inefficiency, your energy bills may increase and the HVAC unit will work harder that it’s supposed to.

Importance Of Correct Ductwork

A correctly installed ductwork unit will enhance home comfort by making sure that room temperatures are kept consistent. If the ducts are leaky, the Myrtle Beach HVAC unit of the home need to work harder than usual to maintain the temperature. The correct design for the ductwork, sealing as well as insulation can help decrease the wear on the unit, which will save homeowners cash or repair as well as replacements. The air quality of houses with poorly set up ductwork systems will suffer since pollen, dirt, as well as fumes will make their way into the air exchange unit. Correctly installing as well as sealing the ductwork of a house will let the family of the homeowner to breathe effortlessly and reduce the risk of experiencing asthma and allergy.

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Tips When Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling Your House

air conditioningDon’t panic if your air conditioning system is not working. There are things you can do to determine the cause and address the problem.

Thermal Detectors To Find Out If There Are Leaks

The majority of homes lose about 15% of cool air because of leaks that cannot be seen through the naked eye. You can buy a thermal detector on Amazon for about $39 so you could recoup the cost in around two months.

You will find a five to 10 degrees swings around the window seams, provided that you are using energy efficient windows. In case you are short on cash, a thick bead of caulk or a heavy glazing around all seams could help, however, you will still lose the cold air through the old plan glass or cheaper double pane windows. You can also uncover tiny nooks, holes, and crannies where cold air is getting out using a thermal detector.

Most of the time, doors are the primary culprit and can use new or additional weather stripping. Don’t forget to examine electrical outlets that are found on exterior walls.

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Ductwork Design For Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

air conditioningCentral air conditioning is a modern answer to keep in indoor heat and humidity. Operating through a system of ducts that produce cool as well as dehumidified air to several parts of a building. Contemporary air conditioners can control the climate in both winter and summer.

Commercial Air Conditioning System

Commercial air conditioning systems make use of specialized ducts that offer equal amounts of heated and cooled air to the rooms of the commercial establishment. These specially made and designed ducts are likewise one of the primary parts of the air ventilation system installed in big buildings like hospitals, office establishments, apartments, and shopping malls. This is performed with the assistance of correct air flow devices like Myrtle Beach air conditioning units.

Steel ducts are extremely popular because of their high quality and durability. They function as the primary arteries of the system. Ductwork is comprised of different materials based on the weather of your area as well as your specific need. Conventional ducts are made of metal sheet as its fundamental framework and then insulated as its secondary layer. Aluminum ducts are becoming increasingly popular because they have longer durability as well as less chances of rusting out because of the moisture that is present in the cooled air.

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