duct systemA duct system is important when it comes to HVAC systems on industrial buildings and residential properties. Ducts are comprised of several tubes that transfer cooled and heated air from HVAC appliances to the different rooms in your house. The industrial and residential ductwork have the same purpose. They are made with efficiency in mind and are designed to add comfort and convenience in the structure where it is installed in. The air distribution unit or ducts can be referred to as the lungs of a building. In many residential properties, 20% of the air that goes through a duct system would be lost because of leaks, holes, and even disconnected areas of the ductwork. Because of this inefficiency, your energy bills may increase and the HVAC unit will work harder that it’s supposed to.

Importance Of Correct Ductwork

A correctly installed ductwork unit will enhance home comfort by making sure that room temperatures are kept consistent. If the ducts are leaky, the Myrtle Beach HVAC unit of the home need to work harder than usual to maintain the temperature. The correct design for the ductwork, sealing as well as insulation can help decrease the wear on the unit, which will save homeowners cash or repair as well as replacements. The air quality of houses with poorly set up ductwork systems will suffer since pollen, dirt, as well as fumes will make their way into the air exchange unit. Correctly installing as well as sealing the ductwork of a house will let the family of the homeowner to breathe effortlessly and reduce the risk of experiencing asthma and allergy.

Constructing an effective ductwork system is better left at the hands of a professional HVAC contractor. There are specific methods that should be done to install an effective ductwork unit. The best methods for installing it properly include the installation of ducts in areas that have been air conditioned, adding insulation, sealing the ductwork, and making sure that you pick the perfect size ducts for the needs of your home. Installing the ductwork in air conditioned places in your house will help it operate more effectively.

In case the ducts are set up in an excessively cool or hot area of the house, they tend to lose a few of their ability move heated or cooled air effectively. Once you are done planning where the ductwork must be placed, the segment’s joints must be sealed air tight. Making use of a metal backed tape would retain the seams securely on their places. The system should also be insulated to further protect the unit from leaky ductwork.

The need insulation level will depend based on the unit’s size as well as the climate of the place. Selecting the correct ductwork size for your house is by far the most important point when it comes to the air distribution unit designs.

Your HVAC contractor from DuctWorks Heating and Cooling, Inc. would recommend the correct size of the unit for your home. The Energy Star, on the other hand, suggests the use of Air conditioning Contractors of America’s Manual J and D calculations to make sure that you pick the best size and maximize the unit’s efficiency.

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