air conditioning repair Myrtle BeachWhether you have a one-room or whole-house air conditioner, do not make it harder that it supposed to be. Follow these air conditioner repair Myrtle Beach and maintenance tips to make sure that your unit runs smoothly so your home will stay cool throughout every season.

Know How Your Air Conditioning Unit Works

Most air conditioners come with two basic parts: the outdoor unit (condenser/compressor) that is located next to your house and the indoor unit (evaporator) that is placed in a central duct close to your heat pump. In case you have a heat pump, the indoor system would be in the air handler. You can use the same maintenance steps presented here. In case you have a heat pump, you should refer to the owner’s manual to know how to deal with it.

Keep It Tidy

Vacuum the AC unit’s fins using a soft bristle brush until it is clean. They are fragile and could be easily crushed or bent. On several systems you will have to unscrew and then lift off the metal box to reach them. You should also check the owner’s manual for specific directions and lift the box off carefully so you could avoid bumping the fins.

Repair A Sinking Home Air Conditioner Pad

The concrete pads that are located beneath the home air conditioner as well as heat exchanger systems have a tendency to settle as time passes by. Provided that there is no strain on the electrical lines and copper coolant tubes, and the system remains level and dry, it is alright that the pad has sunk. However, if it is sinking and is pulling the lines tight or if the water puddles surrounding the system, you will need to take action.

Use A Programmable Thermostat

In today’s world and with the modern air conditioning systems, having a programmable thermostat is a must. It will let you set the temperature for different times throughout the day and lower it automatically if you need to cut costs and manage your cooling without having to hover over the dial constantly.

Add an In line Duct Booster

In case you have forced air cooling however there is still a room that is hotter than the other areas, a vent booster fan or duct could boost the flow of cool air into that room. You will find two types of booster fans. The in-line booster fan will fit inside the duct of the room you want to cool. You mount the fan close to the outlet and it will automatically kick on if your cooling system is on. Register booster and vent fans are placed directly on top of the replace ceiling, wall registers, or floor. Depending on what model it is, you could set it to run automatically, operate it using a remote control or control it using a switch.

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