air conditioningDon’t panic if your air conditioning system is not working. There are things you can do to determine the cause and address the problem.

Thermal Detectors To Find Out If There Are Leaks

The majority of homes lose about 15% of cool air because of leaks that cannot be seen through the naked eye. You can buy a thermal detector on Amazon for about $39 so you could recoup the cost in around two months.

You will find a five to 10 degrees swings around the window seams, provided that you are using energy efficient windows. In case you are short on cash, a thick bead of caulk or a heavy glazing around all seams could help, however, you will still lose the cold air through the old plan glass or cheaper double pane windows. You can also uncover tiny nooks, holes, and crannies where cold air is getting out using a thermal detector.

Most of the time, doors are the primary culprit and can use new or additional weather stripping. Don’t forget to examine electrical outlets that are found on exterior walls.

Air Conditioning Is Crucial But Windows Are Important, Too

After using a thermal detector, you will come to realize that old windows are the major cause of air loss. The most obvious fix is changing your inefficient windows using argon filled, Low-E, vinyl replacement windows. They are commonly priced at $180 so you should probably change out three or four at a time.

Consider interior storm windows in case you cannot afford brand new windows. Even though they are unattractive, they provide a heat shield between the new storm window and the old window that’s mounted flush together with the interior wall. Heat is a well known insulator so this is a good option especially if the storm window has been UV coated.

Attack Fan Vs. Ridge Vent

Ridge vents have become extremely popular over the past years and for good reason. It is a long metal vent that is as long as the roof at its peak. In case there are several peaks in your roof there would be several ridge vents. The primary reason why vents are great choices is that it gets rid of the heat from your attic efficiently, uniformly, and without power.

Attic fans are a great alternative to ridge vents. They can move air quickly while using minimal power. Install between three to four attic fans close to the peak of your roof and space them out to make sure that they are equidistant from one another. They are operated by thermostat so if your attic reaches 110 degrees, they switch on and get rid of the heat until the temperature that is well below the threshold. If you are not sure what to do, call an air conditioning contractor Myrtle Beach right away.

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