duct systemWhat are the ways to make your house energy efficient? As the cost of energy continue to increase, homeowners are wondering about if there is an answer to this question. The only issue is that they are getting all of the same answers. Experts will tell them to add more insulation, change old windows, or have their heat pumps, or hot water system checked and maintained. However, they almost never mention leaky duct system as a possible culprit for your issues of energy inefficiency at home. Why is that the case?

In most cases, they do not mention it since the average homeowner does not know anything about the duct system Myrtle Beach. By comparison, the homeowner may know a bit about rickety windows or insulation, so he or she might be more receptive to those recommendations. Homeowners would, on the other hand, be wise to be a bit more open-minded. Why? Professionals in the industry believe that more than two thirds of the home duct systems are leaky to warrant sealing or repairing them.

The Cost Of Duct System Maintenance

These substandard duct systems could significantly boost heating as well as AC bills by lowering system performance as well as capacity. The U.S. Department of Energy said that duct systems with major flaws and leaks could lose about 30 percent of the cooled air that passes through them. This common issue is also responsible for the comfort problems that many homeowners complain about like cold or drafty rooms, humid or hot areas, and spaces that are poorly ventilated.


The main purpose of a duct system Myrtle Beach is to give an accurate as well as efficient delivery system for cooled air. However, the high cost of energy loss proved that several systems don’t perform adequately for the function that they were intended for. Two of the most common culprits in terms of energy loss in brand new ductworks are incorrect installation as well as substandard design. Homeowners who have these systems that are inefficient installed commonly notice immediately that their energy bills are abnormally high and commonly more than their neighbours.

For many homeowners, on the other hand, wear and tear is the reason why ducts are less efficient as time goes by. These issues are noticed during periods of heavy use when heating and air conditioning systems are operating nearly around the clock.

Duct System Testing

Before you can deal with the problem, it must be diagnosed first by an HVAC contractor. Even though testing could completed any time, it is better if you get it done before periods of high usage. Why? Because when ductwork repair is needed, you do not want your HVAC to be non functional at the time when you need it the most.

The actual testing of the duct system might include air pressure tests, recording and viewing equipment, as well as examination of the HVAC unit. Once irregularities are discovered, and they usually are, the HVAC contractor might suggest duct sealing, repairs, or reinstallation to fix the problem. Since these problems are common, sealing is the best solution that are recommended by a ductwork repair expert.

If completed before periods of heavy use, these commonly affordable repairs could save you a lot of cash on your heating and cooling bills.

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